Monday, April 4

Me Today

So, today i drove home from West Virginia. The drive was great, and i'm happy to report little to no back pain during the three-hour trip!
i did my (now traditional) 125 (once per road trip, if you must know) miles per hour during a lonely straightaway, and before leaving West Virginia I caught some lunch. I know you're thinking, "well, that's hardly bloggable," but before you continue with your lofty criticism, you should know that because i felt i had one last West Virginian weekend adventure left in me this Sunday afternoon, i opted out of Wendy's, Subway, McDonalds, and Gino's Italian Bistro; all to subject myself to the splendor of Tudor's Biscuit World. Lunch was truly and entirely an experience, let me assure you. also, as a side note, it was delicious!
Anyway, I drove all the way home and was here by about 4 pm.
I began to unpack, trash first, and realized to my dismay that i had more than likely left my house key.... in my house. [what kind of idiot....!?] I called my roommate, who said she'd be home in three hours. fantastic. I confirmed myself as keyless, and tried the sometimes-unlocked front door to no avail.
So it's me, my car, my one-day luggage, and my computer charged to 27%. I finished an episode and a half of How I Met Your Mother before my battery died and i began to read the John Green novel i'm enthralled with at the moment. After about a hundred pages I had a fit of brilliance, realizing that there was an outlet on the outside wall of our house on the porch, so as i charged my computer i finished that half-watched episode, and then closed my mac to charge.
As i returned to my back seat and settled back into Paper Towns, I glanced up momentarily, distracted by some noise - probably the obnoxious and adorable black&white cat that runs around here - and my bib number from the 10k last week caught my eye. it's pinned to my drivers' seat sun visor: #350.
And then it kinda came over me: I'm the kind of person to be reading a haphazardly named novel in the back of her car; one who has run a 10k and is beginning to really enjoy road trips. I'm the type of person that falls in love with beautiful words and who values journaling, who has read her Bible consistently for the joy of it during the last week, and who bakes a mean chocolate chip cookie.
I'm explicitly, though partially, the person i've been hoping to start becoming.
(I'm also the type of person who wears a watch, which, though it is not an item to cross off my bucket list, is something i've always aspired to. obviously, this is beside the point.)
Life is really all about the becoming, isn't it? Someday I'll also be a person who's been skydiving and who's had a baby and who has spent at least two years in a foreign country.
but right now i'm on my way, and the way is great.
I'm living life for the experience.