Sunday, May 31

my exclamation

originally uploaded by Falling Dreams.

i am beautiful!
i am fearfully made, and the loveliness is breathtaking.
i am free!
i stand alone, and this pinnacle is cathartic.
i am proud, and i boast in what i've been given.
to soar is to know that i am unique,
to fly is to feel what i was made to feel.
i sing, i fly, i cry out --
i am who i was meant to be, and i am proud to just be me!

Thursday, May 28

promise ..

 originally uploaded by - ye3shGny *.

we were trying to prove it would last forever,
doesn't that seem kind of empty now?
somewhere, it's carved endlessly - the documentation that we loved.
the promise of forever is nothing now but a good memory.

but rest assured, the memory is good.

i'm glad we did it.

people should know.

and we should remember.

that we loved.


originally uploaded by javeleno_Assente per un pò!.

are you afraid to be exposed? are you hiding from the light?
are there flickers in the darkness too fearsome to give you sight?
did you speak an awful utterance, or cause another pain?
do you bear your shame upon your back, and sing a sad refrain?
are you full of emptiness? are your bright eyes sick of seeing?
does the irony upset you, or define your very being?

but the light will bring you liberty, oh how i hope you see
that exposure to the light will make you wonderfully free.
stop hiding, stop pretending; stop cringing in the dark.
for your heart will not be satisfied until it's made its mark-
an effect upon society, a knocking on truth's door,
to leave a flowered legacy is what you were made for!

so please stop hiding lies away, please tell demise you're through-
for the love that you now dimly see waits here outside for you.

Tuesday, May 26


inside, are you a softie?

are you a lover of love that has decided to try being jaded only because your infatuation with life and general happiness has gotten you nowhere?
do you want to appear wilted, damaged, when you know you were meant to be soft and lovely?
is there a decision to be made?
have you found yourself wanting, longing, hoping, but nothing more than disappointed in everything you have put stock in?
are you hurt but hopeful? are you looking for a better way to live? are you ready to move on, are you trying something new? are you sure you were meant to be happy, but ready to show the world you don't have to be?

i am.

Monday, May 25

surrounded, but you're all alone

 originally uploaded by Peggy Collins.

lost in a sea of a thousand like you
learn to find YOUR voice, learn to stay true
you can't be meant just to blend in to the rest
can't be meant for anything less than the best
feeling that you're nothing more than a clone
feeling surrounded, but you're all alone.

how can you have pride when you're not YOU at all?
learn to be different! learn to stand tall!
distinguish yourself from the ocean of faces
make yourself seen in the chillingest places
i know how you feel, like you're the last one...
you feel surrounded, but you're all alone.

the light that they offer is darkness to you
your lovers are numbered, your friends are so few
be strong, precious outcast, you're of the elect
make something of yourself, learn to protect
yourself from the millions who have never known
that you're surrounded, but you're all alone.

Thursday, May 21

yes, but in whose eyes?

originally uploaded by ecstaticist.

insignificant? puny? inconsequential?
maybe you are.
but maybe you are also beautiful. maybe you are a part of the bigger picture in the world and when fitted in your place, you make up the very definition of significance.
maybe you are unimportant, but in whose eyes?
many may pass right by you, too busy to see your worth. but to someone, you are the essence of loveliness. to someone, you are perfection and symmetry, all that is right, all they can see.
insignificant? maybe you are.
unimportant? yes, but in whose eyes?

you are also exquisite.

Wednesday, May 20

....who's there?

originally uploaded by RuDe-DoPe.

who leaves you messages?
who will be there when day is done -- when you come back, who, will you find, has left a part of them to comfort you? has he remembered to tell you how dearly he truly must love you? has she bothered to write out her devotion to you - only you?
does it mean so much to you when someone acknowledges your presence and importance with a heartfelt scrap of paper that you cannot bring yourself to throw it away? you leave it. it grows tattered, but you keep it. you gaze upon it and its weight of meaning to your heart - only yours.
who wrote that message to you?
you must really have loved them...

can you stare into the eyes of the unknown? can you look into the face of uncertainty?

, originally uploaded by EquusKath.

the power of the one lies in her wiles, in her looks, in her charm. the power of the other lies in his size and magnificent strength. 
the power of the both can be found only in trust.
can you do it? can you hurl yourself into the life of another? can you stand next to them and look them in the eye and truly, honestly, fully trust them? 
certainly not. 
but you can take a chance on uncertainty.
will you?

did i disappoint you, or leave a bad taste in your mouth?

 originally uploaded by Toni_V.

evidences of what once was have been left behind, making their mark on the grim, dark world.
but those days are over now, aren't they?

what is your passion, and what cools your fire? after what do you thirst?

originally uploaded by Libera Lu.

your cravings, your hidden desires. 
everyone has a secret - just like everyone has a little good inside of them.
are you afraid that your intentions will spill right out of your eyes? are you afraid to be truly transparent? what are you passionate about, and where does your passion cross the line? what fulfills you... what, then, Motivates you?
who are you?
are you afraid for others to know?