Monday, August 31


i will carry you when your way is frightening
carry you through the summer sky
i'll carry you out of the thunder and lightning
when your heart is heavy and you don't know why....

i'd carry you if you found yourself crying
carry you through your lows and highs
i'll follow to catch when you fall from your flying
and carry you 'til you are done with your sighs. 

i'll sing you to sleep when you need not to think of
the cuts and the bruises that cover your knees
from falling to earth when you crash and you sink, love,
my voice will carry your soul to the trees.

i'd carry you anywhere you need to get to
take you there, far as my small eyes can see.
all that i ask of you - when i am hurting...
would you stop and look, would you come carry me?

Sunday, August 30


oh what a beautiful, magical day - 
what a fabulous day to exist
watching the rhythm, feeling the rhyme
of the universe covered in mist.

feeling loved and surrounded, thought of and blessed
like this day was meant to revive...
loving to be back at home in my heart, 
enthralled to again feel alive.

Saturday, August 29


you want to break down but you have to keep track of
a hundred small trivial things.
keep going.
you'll not just get by on this faith, love
oh no, you will rise on its wings.

you're admirable, lovable, strong, and so faithful
in smallness and weakness you thrive.
you always seem genuine, always sincere,
and you're always glad to be alive.

You will be lifted within limitations,
your defeat will be victory too:
it's all because you're wrestling drawbacks in tandem
it's all because it's not just you.

you're fighting your battles with power and love now,
and see? it has caused you to sing!
you didn't just learn to scrape by with your faith...
you have risen to soar on its wings.

Little sun

there are times i love to smile-
i feel as if the battle's won
but for those times when i am tried, 
i hold onto my little sun.

my little sun: it sits with me
and lights my days up one by one
it's all that beauty is to me,
my precious perfect little sun.

i have to leave it here sometimes,
i feel i'm always on the run...
but as i go and move about,
protect for me my little sun.

Thursday, August 27


the distraction from abstraction never ceases to detract
and the lines of irony throughout can force you to react.
but don't let the pointed paradigm make you forget your prayers,
follow what you know is right, and hold your ground right there.
when there's arguments ascending but you're sinking like a stone,
don't let the multitudes of them convince you you're alone.
application in real life is true, the whatifs will die out
i know you'll prove that who you are is what you're all about.

quiet girl

is there ever a day that you want not to speak
but be left on your own in the rain?
is there ever a time you feel tired and weak
and your heartsong's a mellow refrain?

is there ever a time you lack power to care
about trivial, meaningless words
but you wish you'd be left all alone just to stare
out the window and watch the free birds?

do you ever feel empty, but not really upset
just indifferent to your nearby world?
you can be that today, love, it's alright - don't fret.
just today, you can be quiet girl.

i want to buy a pair of rocket dogs for my birthday :)

standing on all of the beauty on earth
learning to walk alone.
independence at best and intense gloom at worst,
it's not something you can be shown:
to be classy but all on your own.

to have someone to share this with, all of this depth
to find and to in turn, be found.
to have insight challenged against other views;
just to have someone around... 
to be freed by someone, and not bound.

living to feel like you need no excuse,
searching for more than you see,
finding more nothing than you've ever known,
hoping to more than just BE,
don't be lonely, embrace that you're free.

Wednesday, August 26


nightling, your love is within the dark sky,
quietly searching for god-knows-why.
every so often, intrigue comes to call 
when the moon is a crescent; when stars choose to fall.

ordinary below - a field and a tree
the fantastic above you in all that you see.
dear nightling, you love the long night and i know
what it is that you crave as you tarry there so.

purple and indigo shade night's black oil
you note your observance and stretch on the soil
to catch more small wonders, fleeting though they be,
oh, nightling. you're not spotting just what you see. 

you're seeing more depth, aren't you? finding a way...
a way to drag yourself through every new day
in love with your life but hostile to your loss
the brilliance you take in helps you drag your cross.

"the night sky is lovely this evening, you think?"
my nightling, just nod, and give them a sad wink.

Tuesday, August 25

expressions of praise

exuding my passions
and oozing my joy
i step into monday serene.
it begins well and ends well,
a day for the books
just a good day, you know what i mean.

days that are crazy,
days that are fun
lovely and carefree sweet days
when i feel free and happy
it's days like this that
i seek to express my true praise.

so i sing and i smile
and i dance just a bit
and i run through the fields and i write
i seek to discover
just how i can be
that will endlessly put off the night
so this day will not end,
how i wish it could stay!
why seek change when its all going right?

Monday, August 24


i know your desire is true understanding;
seeking to see things, a quest to be known.
but you hold out your arms and you throw back your head
and you go on your journey, you walk on alone.

and who even knows where the journey is going
can you even recall where it took you before?
can you pretend to bend fate and to act like
you knew what would come from the traps you fell for?

no, we're all befuddled and dealing with questions
choosing the least of the evils we see
all has been clouded, and nothing is stable
it would seem we're just guessing to get by, to be.

but one thing is real to you, one thing is sure
and clear as the bright midday sun in the sky -
follow your drop of pure untainted wisdom...
hold fast and be strong, love, please promise you'll try.

Saturday, August 22

the capture

consistency has never been my strongpoint... apologies.
have you been followed? have you been seen?
is that abuse or strangely comforting?
have you been pegged for the person you are?
been known for your smiles, your fears, and your scars?

have you a story you wish you could tell?
have you someone you wish would know you well?
have you tried to find closeness within and without,
but without finding what you've been praying about?

how can they tell you to settle for less?
don't they see tears in your eyes of distress?
just believe in the one you hoped for at the start...
just wait, you'll find someone who'll capture your heart.

Sunday, August 9


I love sunrises more than almost anything, I think.

They represent to me my time to be alone, time meant just for me. They represent discipline and solitude, which are both ideas that I value a little more than I care to admit, being the lighthearted and jovial spirit that I am.
So, I just love sunrises. 
I watched three of them on the beach this week.
This morning was the best one.
From the moment I stepped out in my jogging shoes and saw the colors and the clouds, I knew it would be exquisite. I had to jump a fence to get out to the beach; I wasn’t going to let anything stop me. After running a little along the shoreline and searching for my footprints on the way back, I plopped myself down in the sand, settled and ready for the sun to pop up over the water. The first thing I always notice about the sunrise is the way it sets a few selected clouds on fire before it even begins. The intense pink lining is just proof of what’s to come. The tide rolled on and the waves continued to break as I hummed the beatles’ “here comes the sun” (doo-de-doo-doo) to myself as intrigued joggers passed me by. I waited as the clouds began to lighten, as the sunbeams stretched across the sky like fingers, desperately reaching. There were now lines of pastel purple, pink, orange, yellow and blue all smooshed and faded together, but still no sun. “here comes the sun, little darlin’…” I didn’t really know the words. I sat and waited with my hands and feet 
planted in the sand.

Here comes the sun.

It began as a fiery pink spot. The spot widened some and rounded out. It peeked behind a small cloud at the horizon. Eventually, the half sun had engulfed the cloud and hot pink light totally surrounded it. As it continued to rise above the water, the top of the sun began to turn to fluorescent neon orange. What a tacky color that can be, I thought, when you see it in a box of markers.
But this was the absolute furthest thing from tacky.
I watched as the sun put on a brilliant show of colors and the sea reflected the entire thing distortedly – it reminded me of some kind of gorgeous abstract art. The sun was a full orb of fire now, beginning to change to a fierce yellow. The foam of the backlit waves was tinged pink when it splashed… this sun beautified everything it touched. As I watched it hovering, still close to the water, I noticed something painfully commonplace that today seemed to me completely revolutionary. The reflection of the sun on the water made a line. This beautiful golden watery line began right at the far-off horizon… and pointed straight to me.

I was a part of this beautiful unfolding. It was for me.
The green crashing waves were now iced with pure, piercing, colorless light as the sun continued its ascent into the sky. The ever-popping bubbles brought up on the shore from the surf looked instead like scintillating glitter left behind. When I’d had my fill of the big blue green reflective sea, and when the colors of the sky had all melted into light, I walked back over the dimpled and shadowed sand wondering if I would have to climb the fence the other way to get back into my condo. I looked up and saw a full moon opposite the scene I had just witnessed as the day’s young sun gently warmed my back, letting me know it was still there. I just shook my head.
…and I get to be a part of this beauty…