Saturday, October 31

true joy and faith

there is joy outside of comfort
and faith outside of hope...
these terms that seem synonymous
if married, did elope.

for i've found one without the other.
their dependence is not true.
their kinship has been struck apart
in gladdened grand venue.

for joy, it needs no comfort
and faith is rid of hope. 
each of these former are choices that
are means for us to cope
with our deficience of the latter,
and transcend what we bemoan;
to live life to its very fullest, and
be satisfied alone
with the great GRACE that we've been given;
with the blessings on the way!
joy and faith are friends that keep us
sane from day to day.

and more full than merely sane, you see,
more complete than just content.
life's trials ne'er conquered o'er this pair - 
they came, they saw, they went.

Friday, October 30

to fight discontentment with thankfulness

[the opposite of whineypants]

i like photobooths and oreos and dancing terribly,
i like mango juice and cream of wheat and picnics by the sea.
i like kittens and clouds and eyeliner and a comfy pair of sweats,
i like thunderstorms, and motorcycles are just good as it gets.
i like going crazy and playing games, and watching shooting stars,
i like taking pictures and going on walks and blue convertible cars.
i like learning new things and working out
 and drinking raspberry propel,
i like sunrises and doing my hair and i like delicious smells!
i like autumn and prisms and days on a boat, 
and children from zero to four
i like black and white pictures, and ladybugs 
and the cologne that this one guy once wore.
i like swings and big blankets and tears of joy 
and my newest pair of jeans,
i like dragonflies, and barefoot days,
 and bright oranges, yellows, and greens.
i like pearls and flipping and seeing old friends, 
and daisies, and cowboys football,
i like zebra stripes, and sometimes,
 i just like being a fly on the wall. 
i like spending my day doing work that i love but exhausts me, 
and then when i'm through,
i like snuggling and dancing close and getting hugs from you.

Wednesday, October 28


originally uploaded by Cosi!.

feeling rather selfish as you walk towards the door
wond'ring to others, as much as to you, 
"what are we living for?"
feeling rather sheepish as you peer around yourself
taking your heart seriously 
as you place it upon the shelf.
feeling quite secluded as you live in perfection alone
but you can't take the chance that the others would dance;
that your beauty would be outshone. 
feeling rather timid as you step forward, on with life.
the remarks that you hear, darling, year after year
cut deeply and sting like a knife.

wishing you could know the joy of opening up to sing
but you're holding back for your future's sake, 
and you're feeling everything.

Tuesday, October 27

self unaware


incandescent elegance,
iridescently frail.
hanging in the balance
as you doubtfully inhale.

knowing not your comeliness,
your symmetry unmatched.
knowing only frailty-
your heart's door remaining latched.

a somber kind of stateliness
a doleful coup d’├ętat
knowing you have a strength within
but not even knowing the law.

uncertain as you move along
though you certainly mesmerize
desperately holding to how things were
as they vanish before your eyes.

integrity of detail


everything looks brighter when you open up your eyes,
brighter than you ever thought it was.
when you've found whiter and discovered bluer skies,
embrace it - be enthralled in just because.

find sentimental happiness, find newness of the mind
find everything inside that you believe.
be ever on the lookout for what forces you to find.
try always being less and less naive. 

in living life for little things and details that surround
you may find more to your existence here.
you may seek out more solemn thought and love that's more profound
be yourself, but more insightful. 
be sincere.

Monday, October 26

life: embraced

okay, number one, there have been ladybugs everywhere for a good week, which has totally made my day on quite a few occasions.
number two, since i've gotten back into reading, i've committed myself to way too many books. i'm loving them, but a girl with homework just can't keep up!
here's something i'm learning about ladybugs and books, though: 
each day is all about what you make of it. 
some books and bugs are scary, and that's just the way they are - but a lot of books and a lot of bugs can be pretty  lovable. do you dread the midtone, the neutral of your life and push it away, do you buckle down and get it done, or do you embrace it for all the good it can be? here's to bugs that are buddies, 
and books that stretch and inspire.
here's to a life embraced.

Sunday, October 25

Cause then and there, with the wind in your hair,
Heaven was jealous to merely look fair 
against you.
[making april]

Saturday, October 24

what do you say?

"you know that i'm longing
you've made me this way
so explain your heart to me, please - 
what do you say?

i know you don't love me,
i know you can't stay
but what about one more chance?
what do you say?

you've slit my affection;
i'm lost in the fray
why have you done this?
what have you to say?

my one last-stitch effort
was lost by the way.
i tried all things possible:
when you don't give, you pay!
but as a last gesture,
take or leave as you may,
here's this sad heart in parting.

what do you say?"

i am. nothing can.


i'm the cream in your coffee, the snow in your hair
the red in the evening sky.
i feel as though nothing could bring me down now-
i'm the comfort in tears that you cry.

nobody's perfect and nothing's the same
but i have what we all want to be.
i'm waiting on it to come through for me now
patience, as they say, is key.

so i'm waiting on me to become who i am
but embracing who i am right now - 
i'm the bloom in the flowers, the change in the leaves
and no, nothing could bring me down!

Friday, October 23

with friends like these, who needs enemies?

is there any way to be rid of the hate?
can we ever forget all this pride?
our differences stagger, the tension is great
and we don't like each other besides.

we can't fight this feeling of friction between
we can't make believe we're okay. 
this place that should make us feel warm and at home
truly makes me feel more like a stray.

but we're not alone, sister, we've been placed together
to stick it out, find common ground
we can make this work, brother, we've got more than hate
opportunities always abound.

for unity is that which makes us to love
when love is the last thing we feel-
the strength of the bond is created by will...
commitment is what makes it real.

so don't forget you're in the way of the future
when you make this life all about you. 
everyone's frantically chasing their dreams...
maybe you'll make one come true. 

Wednesday, October 21


i wish for you hope that flies on the wings of the morning,
and dreams that take you somewhere better. 
i wish for you love that lets you know life is good,
and challenges that make you more than you were.
i wish for you great courage that saves you from worry,
for everything is never as it seems. 

the dream

 originally uploaded by jennabee25.

her palm open on the pillow, facing downward towards the floor
her mouth falls slightly open and begins to faintly snore.
her peace creates a tension, and a longing to find rest
her sleep is bringing comfort, lifting weight up off your chest.

her hair is laying simply, unbound and tumbling free
her eyes are closed but somehow, you can feel that she can see. 
her body soft, relaxed, and rid of all the pain it's felt - 
for a moment she is flying and the calm could make you melt.

and you love to see her sleeping but you hate to feel her go
for the sleep that takes her from you takes her far away, you know.
just watch her darling dimples dim, and let her tension fade,
for sleep takes her hardships 
and makes them fall in ravishing cascade.

Monday, October 19


uninspired, and unsure
following motives all impure
trusting impulsive and hateful heart
angry because love has torn it apart.

~happy 100th post~

Saturday, October 17

your eyes

your eyes can see me
your heart can know
your love will find me and
help me to grow

for your eyes have seen my hurting
and your hands have held my pain
when my heart was beating slowly
you stood with me through the strain

for your eyes hold tender mercy
and are full of love and grace
when i look into those searching eyes,
i long for your embrace. 

i long for you to see me but
    i long to quickly find
the person that will be forever
truly, wholly ... mine.

Tuesday, October 13

tread softly

bundled up against the cold
growing edgy and suddenly bold
crying out, to no one, it seems
"tread softly- for you tread on my dreams!"

been building and growing inside of a heart
after the end, coming back to the start
futility's found not in going but sending
the cycle is broken but still neverending

so those who would reprimand stand ever true
standing there thinking they benefit you-
they stand angry and callous and cold as can be...
"you're not standing on nothing! you're standing on me!"

hardy but touchy; delicate, tough
your heart still is fleshy but outside you're rough
you aren't fooling me as you quake in your shoes.
you're feeling like yesterday's old washed-up news.

tell them your feelings, tell them how they
have broken your love and have stolen your day
tell them how they ripped you apart at the seams
say, "tread softly, you fools, for you tread on my dreams!"


originally uploaded by cocoladas.

so tired but still beautiful
simple, but still sound;
perfect floating radiance
that's asking to be found.

who knew that it'd be everyday?
and that it's commonplace
to find this utmost, greatest love
right there before your face?

this love is all around us now.
it turns and twists and bends.
tired, but still beautiful
this circle never ends.

Monday, October 12

one day.

[[well, since i lost the camera, 
i've gone back to jacking images off of flickr]]
a day of grace,
a day of light
a day to stand alone.
a day for cool independence to shine,
a day not to need to be known.

just a day to know how to stand by yourself
just one day to know who you are...
one day not to feel the white-hot scared resentment
one day not to see the great scar.

that day is so distant, that day seems unreal
my ache for it cuts like a knife.
oh, i long for that one day to come ever nearer
for that day is the hope of my life.

Saturday, October 10

i know the heart of life is good

Pain throws your heart 
to the ground.
love ♪♫
turns the whole thing around.

Friday, October 9

who do i have?

whom have i in heaven but you?
and what do i need on earth?
my life with you is completed and full,
and my cup overflows with my mirth.

i need no one in my whole life but you.
not one but you can fulfill.
so i'll search for the words to express my great love
and adhere my life to your will.

for it's there that i'm happy and carefree and fine-
there that i don't have to ache
for the answers to all of the questions i ask
i'm doing your will for my sake!

i don't care if you haven't spelled it all out,
i praise you because you are great!
your goodness transcends my intense need to know...
so i'll sit here, and love you, and wait.

Thursday, October 8

the wind

 originally uploaded by sing.sweet.

she can't fight the feeling of wind in her hair,
she tosses it lightly and runs.
she can't help believing on days like today
that babe, we're the sweet lucky ones.

is there ever a time she can feel this elation?
ever a time she's more free?
than when the strong wind affronts her from ahead
rushing and letting her see.

op'ning her eyes to the things of the world
the beautiful, wonderful things.
making her wish she could fly on its gusts,
making her wish she had wings.

Wednesday, October 7


i read this poem based on psalm 27, and really liked it
so i took it and made it my own. 
meaning, this is not entirely original.
the pictures, however, are mine.

Desperate, helpless, and longing i cried:
Quiet and patient, with love He replied.
I pled and i wept for a clue to my fate,
and the master so gently said, "child, you must wait."
"Wait, you say? wait?!" my indignant reply
"Lord, i need ANSWERS! i need to know WHY!
is your hand shortened? or have you not heard?
by faith i have asked, i am claiming your word!
my future, and all to which i can relate
hangs in the balance, and You tell me to WAIT?
i'm needing a 'yes', a go-ahead sign,
even to 'no' i think i could resign.
and lord, you promised that if we believe
we need but to ask, and we shall receive.
So, Lord, i've been asking - Lord, this is my cry:
i'm weary of searching! i NEED a reply!"

then my resolution began to deflate
as my master replied once again, "You must wait."

so i slumped to the ground, defeated, distraught 
and grumbled to God... "so i'm waiting - for what?"

He seemed then to kneel, and His heart wept with mine.
He tenderly said, "i could give you a sign. 
i could shake the heavens, and darken the sun.
i could raise the dead, and make lame men to run!
all you seek i could give - but where, child, would you be...
if you got what you wanted, but didn't know Me?
You'd not know the depth of my love for each saint,
you'd not know the power I lend to the faint.
you'd not learn to see through the dark of despair,
you'd not learn to trust just believing i'm there.
you'd not know the great joy of resting in Me,
when still clouds of blackness were all you could see. 

you'd never revel in fullness of love
as the peace of my spirit descends like a dove;

you'd know that i give and i save as a start,
but you'd not know the depth of the beat of my heart.

or the coming of comfort late into the night;
the faith that i give when you walk without sight...
the depth thats beyond getting just what you asked
from an infinite God who makes what you have last.

you'd never know, should your pain quickly flee,
what it means that 'my grace is sufficient for thee.'
Yes, your dreams of your love overnight would come true,
But... what great loss! if you lost what i'm doing in you!

so be silent, dear one, and in time you will see
that the greatest of gifts is to be close to Me.
and though often my answers seem terribly late, 
my most precious answer of all is still
'wait.' "

Tuesday, October 6


emotions can be tricky, but it's wondrous just to feel
though the spinning makes you dizzy you'll keep clinging to the wheel
that whips you round and up and down; makes you cry or thrive,
but keeps you on your toes and lets you know that you're alive.

you want to finally feel it, finally blossom in the sun
hoping to feel special, noticed, to feel like you're "the one"
knowing the pits of agony will heighten the peak of delight
going through hard times with grace and with poise
to feel love?
if you could, then you might.

Sunday, October 4

magnified bitterness

i've now seen the truth, and come to my senses,
lost naivete and put up my defenses.
is there anymore reason to let someone in
when all people want is to have you, to win?
hold onto your own self, hold onto your pride,
take all your emotions and hold them inside.
'cuz people will use them against you - its true - 
they will if you give them the chance to know you.
don't tell him the way that you feel, though you'd like to.
it's all about him. it's not about you.

my own interpretations of doxology

Praise God from whom all blessings flow -- 
Praise Him all creatures here below.
Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts...
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
We'd praise him to eternity...
plants, beasts, and minerals all agree.
his honor highest beings sing
to this baffling love, this unknown thing.
praise God, he gives us all we need.
from all his peoples, praise proceeds.
the sky declares his greatest name-
all different views proclaim the same.
praise him who loves to give us things.
we here on earth fly on his wings,
and as angels, sing his holy praise:
his ways are surely not our ways.
praise him who can do naught but good
we stand in awe, and so we should
e'en angels cannot know his might -- 
this triune God, this shaft of light.

[[just so you know, if you are trying to interpret this, these are not simply my take on new verses for the doxology. they did come out rhyming, but my original intent was to differently state what these well known and potentially worn-out lyrics can mean to me. each line is crafted after the coinciding line from the original. ok, just thought you should know.:]]

Saturday, October 3


mudlot, originally uploaded by sing.sweet.

i've made too many memories
to turn and slam the door
it's hard to keep up fighting...
now, what was i fighting for?

the colors of fall

the colors of fall, originally uploaded by sing.sweet.

feeling tired and scared and sad,
up against a wall
but finding hope and joy inside
the colors of the fall.

newness that will come from death
meaning that's for real
knowing beauty will end in pain
but it doesn't break the deal.

cuz the cycle is renewing
and the cycle doesn't end-
and the world has gone on for all of time
following this trend.

so find meaning in your changes
find faith inside your pain
sit back and watch your life mean more.
enjoy this changing stain.

Friday, October 2


nice to believe that all you long for you'll someday have.
nice to believe that beauty has more to do with function than it does with aesthetics.
nice to believe that some people see past a rough exterior.
nice to believe that there are those who care to hold you up to shine the way you know you can.
nice to believe that abnormalities enhance interest and complexity, instead of ugliness.

it's nice to be able to believe, isn't it?
have a little faith,
and hold onto it with all of your heart.

Thursday, October 1


the days are growing colder now, and lover's complaints forbear
for the snow we know is soon to fall will sparkle in her hair.
the good in all, and all is good ~ remains the lifelong cry
of the lover who has all to lose, and a sparkle in her eye.

has there ever been a moment when you lost your inhibitions?
well, dear, reach down and find them quick, or be made of contrition.
the bright consuming color that you think life may contain - 
- to be lost in sparkling wonderment - oh child, this is no game.
sometimes the greys consume the hues of happy gold and blue
and though the fields are beautiful, it may not seem so to you. 

so, like the lover, learn to find the good in all you see
the beauty that exists in all was made for you and me,
but is not always as you'd think - you must know that by now.
we must learn to thrive in black and white. we will. someday... somehow.