Sunday, December 27


how nice to be thought of,
how splendid to be loved. 
how wretched to leave,
but what great things await me.
with determination and optimism i set out
to be better than i was, more comely than i noticed, and greater than i knew i could be. 
i go now to be free. 
i can grow, i can learn, i can become, i can dance, i can change lives, i can invest, i can search, i can create, i can hear, see, taste, smell, and feel. i can find, i can write, i can rearrange, 
i can be faithful, i can devote, i can love.
i go now to be free.

Friday, December 25

heaven's love reaching down to save the world

God. with us. 
with us when no one else can be, with us when all we need is love. with us when we're lavished with comfort, with us when we can't stand the pain.
God is here, our servant king came to save the corrupted and depraved world.
and He is with us.
i don't think i fully grasp what it means to have Emmanuel. i don't think i fully understand just how thankful i should be. i know i should be groveling until i am gasping for breath, but if i grasped that concept, i would be doing it instead of stiffarming the Savior every day that i inhale, without a second thought, the air he gives me to breathe.
wrapped in flesh and in swaddling, wrapped in problems and inhibitions, bound by the limits of his being. limitless Lord in miniscule man, creator fettered inseparably to creature. God-child. God-man. Heavenly sacrifice.
Lord, you know our sorrows. You are well acquainted with grief.
be with us, be near us, as we remember when you joined us.
hold us in your arms and never let us go.
Emmanuel, how we adore you, our wonderful counselor, mighty God, and everlasting Father. You will never end and never fail.
Thank You for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23


be not afraid to stand out, and, when you can't walk, to crawl,
 the world may scowl upon you for your youth
a betterment of self and still a betterment of all,
they need no teacher, who have been anointed with the truth.

obedience the truest sign of the purest form of love,
we search for truth, we do not want - we long;
you can overcome the one that we've been so warned of,
you're written to so soon because your youth has made you strong.

the man who speaks of sacrifice knows nothing of the cost
of an ink quill dipped in blood to sign the deed.
you claim to know of love but spurn your brother, child - you're lost.
no one who has not holiness can try to take the lead.

Tuesday, December 22

a love

a silent, soft, and silly love
is more priceless than you know
the sweetest of all, simply love
that won't just come and go.
a simpering and list'ning love
will know just what to say,
and when to speak and when to stop...
don't take my love away.

Monday, December 21

a debt i could not pay

a rush of fools, in august, has contained the wise for now,
the way i thought that things were good had changed my view somehow.
but the well was ill, and ill-intentioned, teetering to fall,
and fall it did, crashing upon the martyr i had the gall
to make my sad self out to be, and though the old i knew,
the youth was there, my sins laid bare. 
my debt is long past due.

Saturday, December 19

silver spoon

if i pretend for just one moment i'm not of the privileged few - 
silver spoon out long enough to see and not construe, 
have i ever lived one moment of my own constructed time? 
have i ever sacrificed of something, ever spent a dime?
am i, mortal, just enough to tether flesh and soul,
or am i lavish living from a gold and crystal bowl?
who am i to beg for mercy? who am i to cry?
my tears fall softly, soaking velvet as my plump lips sigh.
i've wanted much, and given little; selfish, stubborn, and tough,
and had audacity to think of me as saintly stuff.
the silver spoon i'll sell for you, dear, you who will not eat
today, nor tomorrow; you who make your wares upon the street.
and privileged you know i am, but please, if you can see...
bring yourself not to look down on the lowly likes of me.

Friday, December 18


sometimes i feel like such an impostor.

searching but contented-feeling, happy while alone
i'm simply the most compicated girl i've ever known.
is it a crime to just stay different - original, standout?
is it so bad to stand for things i think that i'm about?
for love and freedom, grace and peace, a wit that does no harm,
for independence right along with classy feminine charm.
i'm grace without the gracefulness, righteous but in the wrong - 
i can't stop singing, but i have yet to find a heartfelt song.
desired but not desirable, confused, i say! complex!
i watch as mountains of desire transform to far-off specks....

the good times, the warm feelings -
 they love me even though i'm different, don't they?

Thursday, December 10

....and obviously, failing...

trying to write, trying to see
trying to know what's actually me.
trying to be who i thought i admired,
trying to live inspired.

living to splash, living to smile,
living to just lay around for awhile,
living to make precious mem'ries that last,
living to leave the past.

aiming to argue, aiming to please,
aiming to just stay away from the sleaze,
aiming to be cute and tender and true,
aiming to follow you.

fighting for clarity, fighting for good,
fighting to care about all that i should,
fighting to stay strong and do right, not fun,
fighting to remain the one.

Monday, December 7


as time is moving on 
you leave your mark upon the past
never knowing what gets lost in time
and what will choose to last

the moments that you knew
would never fall apart are gone
the lines that never seemed would
come to pass now have been drawn.

who knew that true reality
is a cold and biting chill?
the past is gone, but moving on
can kick and batter still.

Thursday, December 3

new hope

i need a new reason to hope.
the old reasons are all used up
and new ones not forthcoming.
walking along, not singing my song,
i need a new reason to hope.

i need a new season to live.
my past seasons are all lived out
and a wall stands here before me.
i've done what i could to make them good
but i need a new season to live.

i want a new outlook on life.
my attitude is not the one
i want to be my story.
there is no way to smile today, 
i want a new outlook on life.
beauty is my new reason to hope. 
tomorrow is my new season to live.
determiation is my new outlook on life.

Wednesday, December 2

"gilead: a hill of testimony"

is there a balm in gilead to heal our putrid woes?
a salve, a soup to cure our ills and serve where'er it goes.
on the hill of testimony, pasts have been laid bare
to prove to one another we can make it, we've been there.
together we will come to find our stance upon ourselves
together, we can make it through the twenty-fours and twelves. 
we'll make it through, we'll find our way, get to a lovely place.
we'll leave this putrid, past-filled town, hold hands, 
and find the grace.

Sunday, November 29


life is so confusing if you watch it out of focus
the drums of death entered our sleep and so abruptly woke us.
we didn't know the time had come but something greater found it
completely necessary to give us no way around it.
so out of focus, not pretending otherwise to see me
needing a tip to find the truth from some great cosmic genie.
tumbling, swirling up (maybe down?) 
through space and time looking for meaning
stuck in your house wond'ring who, wond'ring how, 
your life is a mess and you're cleaning.
forever you'll clean and forever you're stuck 
because this mess is just like the dishes - 
the more that you serve, the more mess there is. 
mess regards none of your fervent wishes.
confusing but beautiful, hard - is it worth it,
this life that leaves many so broken?
at least you're on track now, the fairy tale's gone,
for now you know - now you've awoken.

Saturday, November 28

a love that bleeds

sometimes i make the worst decisions ever. 

the easy is over, the happiness ends,
and your sentences end with a sigh.
drink coffee and eat, and be happy my friends,
for tomorrow our hearts may die.

Friday, November 27

thanks meets reminiscence.

body of Julie: "excuse me, but why are we lying down? it's definitely not time to sleep yet, and i am not done bein' awake and alive!!"
mind of Julie: "come on - you frustrate me when you can't just take a nap!! i see the big picture, and i know you'll be working through the night - i know what you need, and i just wish, for your sake, that you'd listen."

body of Christ: "what?? this timing is wacked out. Are you kidding me? i'm not going to be doing that now, thank you. maybe later, when i'm ready. you have definitely got this one wrong."
mind of Christ: "how i wish you could see what i see. i know what you need, and i only want what's wonderful for you. if you could only listen... how much better off you'd be."

don't worry, i realize that's cheezy, but it's exactly what i was thinking as i tried to nap for about an hour and a half. i just gave up. [[how much better He knows us that we even know ourselves.]]
i have loved this thanksgiving!
the slight snow was beautiful and charming, and the company was grand. i got to cook, and i got to eat, and i got to watch the Cowboys win. 
i have not been moping at all, though i have been missing. 

of course i wish i could be with my amazing mom and her whole loud, ridiculous Itailan and Swedish side of the family, especially after my grandmother's recent passing.
and i wish i could be with my dad, for all his quirks and tendencies that completely overwhelm me, and with HIS grandmother, who is 99 years old today.
i wish i could be with Josh and his mother Peggy, because they make me smile so much.
i wish i could be with Jena, and Jenny, because they have proved themselves beyond fair weather - they are true friends in the face of triumph or gloom.
i wish i could be in Texas, where it is not currently raining and thirtyish degrees. 
i wish i could be with you!

but how thankful i am to be where i have been placed. how thankful i am to work with what i have been given, and how wonderful it is to be thought of and secure in who i truly am. 
it is a good thanksgiving, and though i may spend some of it alone, i need not be lonely, for i have been loved.

Thursday, November 26

what is love: don't hurt me.

seriously, what's love?

we keep asking. this generation keeps trying to define it. we're all so into it, all about it.
one pop artist took a stab at it:

"i mean she even cooks me pancakes
and alka seltzer when my tummy aches
if that ain't love then i don't know what love is

i love the way she calls my phone
she even got her very own ringtone
if that ain't love then i don't know what love is"

is this what we've got? personalized ringtones and pancakes in the shape of hearts?
how on earth have we reduced love to this? And... honestly; can we not even lyricize with tact and skill to express how our generation is loving?
has technology done this to us? is it instant gratification? our parents, maybe?
whatever has numbed us to love, it's left us confused, that's for sure. 

well, i'm confused.

but i feel like we suck at this. let's figure out how to love before we devote ourselves to it. what a great idea, to love... but what does it mean to you? do you aspire to love all? some? 
or maybe you don't realize it, but you only truly love yourself.
maybe if the person you envision your life with does lots of things to make you happy, you really only want to love... [[you.]]
she makes me comfortable and happy, and all i gotta do is not break up with her.
if that ain't love, then i don't know what love is.


Wednesday, November 25

breaking point

originally uploaded by lettydavis.

so you've found your solace, have you?
so you've stopped to take a break?
what about the past that colors
every single new mistake?
behind you are your problems,
daunting imminence ahaid,
you told us you'd be better,
but that's only what you said.
it's hurtful, moving onward,
but it's therapeutic too
there is so much that awaits you
though the memories are through.
so you'll make it through this crossroads,
leave past problems at the door
pick up your head, child, love the change -
new life is worth living for.

Tuesday, November 24


are you safe, and strictly structured? does your symmetry astound?
does the order leave you yearning to say anything profound?
are you sucked into the falsehood that you'll run into the ground
if every moment isn't focused, if you stop to glance around -- 
and to see the precious rainbows and the colors that they cast?
are you missing all life's joys 'cause you're afraid of coming last?
and you know that you're not Living
you know somehow that there's more
than this petty recognition you've been hereto dying for.
and where is your path leading? to the ceiling? to the floor?
you've been searching up and down too long. 
let your gaze find the door
that will lead you to your freedom, that will lead you to your pride,
that will lead you to no longer feel so unbearably dead inside.
walk through this door of mercy, embrace this gate of grace,
and don't be too alarmed to find your tears upon your face.
don't think it won't be happy - your ills gone without a trace
but in letting love wash over you, you must let it find a place
to grow and root and change you, to make you more a man.
though you've never noticed it, it's always been the plan
to have you grow in gratitude, to watch you learn the way
to own up to what you do in life, and be careful what you say.
and while you may not ever change in all forever and a day,
you're loved enough to be believed in.
though you think you can't... you may.

Monday, November 23


oh, you're not too scared, you're just not good enough
so you're not constructing an effort.
and you can't even see how you limit yourself
as you tug at the hood on your sweatshirt.

no, you're not addicted, you just like the taste...
you repeatedly run to your downfall. 
you can't see past your sheer need and can't figure why
as you punch your fist straight through the drywall.

because, it's frustrating, to not know yourself.
it's hard not to understand why
we can't let others see the hurt in our face,
or admit to ourselves that we sigh.

so, you don't have a problem, it's just problematic
that you can't decipher your world. 
you're stuck in a whirlwind of thoughts and disasters
your mind feels spent, gnarled and knurled.

my heart goes out, dear, you're confused and upset,
and your heart cannot take much more beating.
don't lose hope, don't lose faith, don't lose hold of my hand.
for love is not lost, though it's fleeting.

Sunday, November 22

the sweet defeat.

When defeat is inevitable, it is wisest to yield.

when love is forsaken, when rivalry sweet
has forgotten to warn you, knocks you off your feet,
nothing is ordered, it's not nice and neat,
it's like when your hot air and fantasy meet.
there's no need to get back up - please rest now! you're beat!
come on, why can't you just admit your defeat?

Friday, November 20

stand for you

there's a shocking incapacity
to see forest for the trees - 
what i mean is that there's needy ones,
we must have faith for these.

the world is full of bitter men,
the world is full of hate.
the world is full of selfishness - 
and soon may be too late
to help save love from dying out,
to salvage goodly truth.
we have to teach the next small ones 
to hold on to their youth,
and hold onto their innocence
and cling to their blind trust.
if we might be more childlike... 
no -
not that we might. we must.

Thursday, November 19

dark and beautiful

scary and sad, alive but mundane,
this life is dark but beautiful.
as it draws you in to the fullness of truth,
give in to the wooing, feel the calm lull.

'cause you can't escape and you can't slip through
the cracks of a system that wants us to cry. you think we'll accept or resent the fact that
we'll be haunted by life 'til the day that we die?

inescapable and powerful, 
the dominance that grips our souls.
it holds them in strangled embrace,
until we learn to accept our role:
we're pawns throughout the universe,
scattered, our feelings rendered null.
the planets sing the every verse
of a song so sad; gorgeously dull.

blunted and foiled at every turn,
there's a smile in this mystery
that keeps us searching all our days - 
that makes us laugh, that lets us see.

Wednesday, November 18

and this is love.


now, simple dreamer, what is love?
i see you have no clue. 
but your understated ignorance is drawing me to you.

you throw up your hands and wink and smile,
acknowledge you don't know,
but you live to like it, live to learn, and choose not to stay, but go. 

sweet action in the place of words,
eye glint and impish grin,
at your command, my heart will leap when your thumb holds my chin.

and is love over, is love gone,
or can love find a friend?
yes, your true love has forgotten romance and will never, ever end.

Tuesday, November 17

wreck of the day

you're searching but have found no satisfaction,
you're grasping but your prize slips through your hands.
you string together precious golden mem'ries
and treasure every single gilded strand.

the desperation in your voice is blatant, 
and in your actions your despair shows through.
but will you let this battle be your downfall,
when there's so much that is unharmed left in you?

you're like a drunkard, wasting priceless moments
stumbling around, and sleeping though he wakes.
and just as senseless dogs return to vomit,
a fool are you, reliving your mistakes.

wake up and smell the coffee, precious cripple.
find feet again, and stand to go your way!
it's difficult, frustrating, and unsettling - 
but you will live to love another day.

Saturday, November 14



oh, sweet resignation, how familiar we are.
i've been hovering around you, see, i haven't wandered far. 
i'm not hiding, i'm invisible - beauty for none to see
i'm not anybody's someone, though i'm who i want to be. 
there is sting in bitterness so sweet, and pain in heart so full
always a drawback with a gain, always a backward pull.
the tears are never ended, made of anguish, fear, or joy,
made of reminiscence of a laughing, loving boy. 
and reconciliation, what a far-off dream you are.
oh reconciliation, sheer sweet hope and morning star,
but mournful resignation, how familiar we've become -  
you who leave me sad and visionless, and strike me mutely dumb.

Wednesday, November 11

there is a love.

there is a love that is always, forever. there is a love that proves true.
there is a love that keeps ever together, a love that is lavished on you.
there is a love that proves right is the winner: that fairy tale you're dreaming of.
there is a love that erases the sinner and in her place places a dove.
there is a love that demands unity; there is a love that forgives.
there is a love that took you to the tree... a crucified love that now lives.

Tuesday, November 10

"he's never enough, and still he's more than i can take."

what a mess i've made of this.
i'm sorry that i lost it. 
but i'm just done with life like that, 
and honestly exhausted.

your tears are falling all away,
your heart is failing faster.
oh, what a mess i've made of love.
what a redolant disaster.

Monday, November 9

dream of more

your love hit me like sweet rain, 
all the world around me fell. 
should the others seek this joy?
for it's a blissful prison cell.

the caress that's strong and soft,
smooth as rust upon my skin
won't let me dwell on repercussions,
should i fully let you in.

to take the easy way is good
for those who won't expand their dreams
as they imprudently assume
that life is ever as it seems.

they don't want the love i found - 
the love that made my eyes to see.
because they only dream of sleep,
they'll sleep for all eternity.

Sunday, November 8


oh, and she has waited..., originally uploaded by sing.sweet.

the wait can overcome you
as the longing only grows,
but the joy of it will flood you
when your spirit finally knows.

wait for joy, now search for peace
while waiting is your lot -
look forward to the wedding feast,
but the present's all you've got.

Friday, November 6


meant to keep out or stay ever inside,
boundaries create the apart. 
the barbed wire claws at fair liberty's side,
stabbing it through as a dart.

confusion and comfort, evade or embrace
necessary, but seemingly needless,
a person could find herself stark-raving-mad,
becoming quite utterly heedless.

chasing desire and throwing it out;
safe in the same space as yearning.
poking long hungry fingers through cold metal bars
that keep the soul prisoned, but learning.

Thursday, November 5

hope is


[[and i apologize for my obscene overuse of the word 'free']]

hope is shining, gleaming, brightly
hope is coming fast and free,
hope is streaming like the sun,
it's here for all the world to see.

hope is full and making converts
to the way of righteousness
the cosmic love of optimism-
easing guilt, erasing stress.

hope is like a noonday morning.
hope is like the scorching rain.
elusive; absurdly, it's bright but it's lovely
hope is the ultimate, paramount gain.

Tuesday, November 3


it's great to be a part of something bigger than myself.
i'm feeling small
but not at all 
like i'm stuck on a shelf.

its so rewarding just to be the one who celebrates
to know that love
is the presence of
a triumph over hate.

it's interesting to finally know that what i want is right.
to finally see
that i can be
the one whose dreams take flight.

Sunday, November 1

my story

must i always be the person that i think i have become?
must i always live the story pasts provide?
no, i'm changing and creating ever, always, as i live
leading lady in my story- i decide.

my story is as big as i imagine it to be,
my story is what i have made of life.

as light flickers through a window, warming what it deigns to touch,
moving as the sun moves through the day,
my life could be a sunbeam, moving on as life demands,
but blessing those i contact on my way.

my story is the way i act when all is going wrong,
my story is whoever i have touched.

and so, i know i choose how i react and who i am,
i know i am the author of my own. 
i hope i choose to make this life more meaningful than fun.
so that, when i am older, i have grown.

your tears never fall

you may say you've let your guard down,
that you're not perfect at all - 
but your phrases never falter,
and your tears, they never fall.
you can make it as you feel it,
if you must, slow to a crawl.
'cuz there's no comfort for no weakness
or for tears that never fall. 

yes, some cry for attention
and so humankind will see
that they're miserable and so forlorn
(over nothing, if you ask me),
and you don't want to be like that 
so you stand tall, stiff, and free.
but you're not free at all if you
can't let yourself just be.

so be it as you feel it, child,
take down the wretched wall
that keeps the world of others out,
my love, don't you recall
the days when you were cared for
and accepted, overall?
but now you've lost your faith in us,
and your tears never fall.

Saturday, October 31

true joy and faith

there is joy outside of comfort
and faith outside of hope...
these terms that seem synonymous
if married, did elope.

for i've found one without the other.
their dependence is not true.
their kinship has been struck apart
in gladdened grand venue.

for joy, it needs no comfort
and faith is rid of hope. 
each of these former are choices that
are means for us to cope
with our deficience of the latter,
and transcend what we bemoan;
to live life to its very fullest, and
be satisfied alone
with the great GRACE that we've been given;
with the blessings on the way!
joy and faith are friends that keep us
sane from day to day.

and more full than merely sane, you see,
more complete than just content.
life's trials ne'er conquered o'er this pair - 
they came, they saw, they went.

Friday, October 30

to fight discontentment with thankfulness

[the opposite of whineypants]

i like photobooths and oreos and dancing terribly,
i like mango juice and cream of wheat and picnics by the sea.
i like kittens and clouds and eyeliner and a comfy pair of sweats,
i like thunderstorms, and motorcycles are just good as it gets.
i like going crazy and playing games, and watching shooting stars,
i like taking pictures and going on walks and blue convertible cars.
i like learning new things and working out
 and drinking raspberry propel,
i like sunrises and doing my hair and i like delicious smells!
i like autumn and prisms and days on a boat, 
and children from zero to four
i like black and white pictures, and ladybugs 
and the cologne that this one guy once wore.
i like swings and big blankets and tears of joy 
and my newest pair of jeans,
i like dragonflies, and barefoot days,
 and bright oranges, yellows, and greens.
i like pearls and flipping and seeing old friends, 
and daisies, and cowboys football,
i like zebra stripes, and sometimes,
 i just like being a fly on the wall. 
i like spending my day doing work that i love but exhausts me, 
and then when i'm through,
i like snuggling and dancing close and getting hugs from you.

Wednesday, October 28


originally uploaded by Cosi!.

feeling rather selfish as you walk towards the door
wond'ring to others, as much as to you, 
"what are we living for?"
feeling rather sheepish as you peer around yourself
taking your heart seriously 
as you place it upon the shelf.
feeling quite secluded as you live in perfection alone
but you can't take the chance that the others would dance;
that your beauty would be outshone. 
feeling rather timid as you step forward, on with life.
the remarks that you hear, darling, year after year
cut deeply and sting like a knife.

wishing you could know the joy of opening up to sing
but you're holding back for your future's sake, 
and you're feeling everything.

Tuesday, October 27

self unaware


incandescent elegance,
iridescently frail.
hanging in the balance
as you doubtfully inhale.

knowing not your comeliness,
your symmetry unmatched.
knowing only frailty-
your heart's door remaining latched.

a somber kind of stateliness
a doleful coup d’├ętat
knowing you have a strength within
but not even knowing the law.

uncertain as you move along
though you certainly mesmerize
desperately holding to how things were
as they vanish before your eyes.

integrity of detail


everything looks brighter when you open up your eyes,
brighter than you ever thought it was.
when you've found whiter and discovered bluer skies,
embrace it - be enthralled in just because.

find sentimental happiness, find newness of the mind
find everything inside that you believe.
be ever on the lookout for what forces you to find.
try always being less and less naive. 

in living life for little things and details that surround
you may find more to your existence here.
you may seek out more solemn thought and love that's more profound
be yourself, but more insightful. 
be sincere.

Monday, October 26

life: embraced

okay, number one, there have been ladybugs everywhere for a good week, which has totally made my day on quite a few occasions.
number two, since i've gotten back into reading, i've committed myself to way too many books. i'm loving them, but a girl with homework just can't keep up!
here's something i'm learning about ladybugs and books, though: 
each day is all about what you make of it. 
some books and bugs are scary, and that's just the way they are - but a lot of books and a lot of bugs can be pretty  lovable. do you dread the midtone, the neutral of your life and push it away, do you buckle down and get it done, or do you embrace it for all the good it can be? here's to bugs that are buddies, 
and books that stretch and inspire.
here's to a life embraced.

Sunday, October 25

Cause then and there, with the wind in your hair,
Heaven was jealous to merely look fair 
against you.
[making april]

Saturday, October 24

what do you say?

"you know that i'm longing
you've made me this way
so explain your heart to me, please - 
what do you say?

i know you don't love me,
i know you can't stay
but what about one more chance?
what do you say?

you've slit my affection;
i'm lost in the fray
why have you done this?
what have you to say?

my one last-stitch effort
was lost by the way.
i tried all things possible:
when you don't give, you pay!
but as a last gesture,
take or leave as you may,
here's this sad heart in parting.

what do you say?"

i am. nothing can.


i'm the cream in your coffee, the snow in your hair
the red in the evening sky.
i feel as though nothing could bring me down now-
i'm the comfort in tears that you cry.

nobody's perfect and nothing's the same
but i have what we all want to be.
i'm waiting on it to come through for me now
patience, as they say, is key.

so i'm waiting on me to become who i am
but embracing who i am right now - 
i'm the bloom in the flowers, the change in the leaves
and no, nothing could bring me down!

Friday, October 23

with friends like these, who needs enemies?

is there any way to be rid of the hate?
can we ever forget all this pride?
our differences stagger, the tension is great
and we don't like each other besides.

we can't fight this feeling of friction between
we can't make believe we're okay. 
this place that should make us feel warm and at home
truly makes me feel more like a stray.

but we're not alone, sister, we've been placed together
to stick it out, find common ground
we can make this work, brother, we've got more than hate
opportunities always abound.

for unity is that which makes us to love
when love is the last thing we feel-
the strength of the bond is created by will...
commitment is what makes it real.

so don't forget you're in the way of the future
when you make this life all about you. 
everyone's frantically chasing their dreams...
maybe you'll make one come true. 

Wednesday, October 21


i wish for you hope that flies on the wings of the morning,
and dreams that take you somewhere better. 
i wish for you love that lets you know life is good,
and challenges that make you more than you were.
i wish for you great courage that saves you from worry,
for everything is never as it seems. 

the dream

 originally uploaded by jennabee25.

her palm open on the pillow, facing downward towards the floor
her mouth falls slightly open and begins to faintly snore.
her peace creates a tension, and a longing to find rest
her sleep is bringing comfort, lifting weight up off your chest.

her hair is laying simply, unbound and tumbling free
her eyes are closed but somehow, you can feel that she can see. 
her body soft, relaxed, and rid of all the pain it's felt - 
for a moment she is flying and the calm could make you melt.

and you love to see her sleeping but you hate to feel her go
for the sleep that takes her from you takes her far away, you know.
just watch her darling dimples dim, and let her tension fade,
for sleep takes her hardships 
and makes them fall in ravishing cascade.

Monday, October 19


uninspired, and unsure
following motives all impure
trusting impulsive and hateful heart
angry because love has torn it apart.

~happy 100th post~

Saturday, October 17

your eyes

your eyes can see me
your heart can know
your love will find me and
help me to grow

for your eyes have seen my hurting
and your hands have held my pain
when my heart was beating slowly
you stood with me through the strain

for your eyes hold tender mercy
and are full of love and grace
when i look into those searching eyes,
i long for your embrace. 

i long for you to see me but
    i long to quickly find
the person that will be forever
truly, wholly ... mine.

Tuesday, October 13

tread softly

bundled up against the cold
growing edgy and suddenly bold
crying out, to no one, it seems
"tread softly- for you tread on my dreams!"

been building and growing inside of a heart
after the end, coming back to the start
futility's found not in going but sending
the cycle is broken but still neverending

so those who would reprimand stand ever true
standing there thinking they benefit you-
they stand angry and callous and cold as can be...
"you're not standing on nothing! you're standing on me!"

hardy but touchy; delicate, tough
your heart still is fleshy but outside you're rough
you aren't fooling me as you quake in your shoes.
you're feeling like yesterday's old washed-up news.

tell them your feelings, tell them how they
have broken your love and have stolen your day
tell them how they ripped you apart at the seams
say, "tread softly, you fools, for you tread on my dreams!"


originally uploaded by cocoladas.

so tired but still beautiful
simple, but still sound;
perfect floating radiance
that's asking to be found.

who knew that it'd be everyday?
and that it's commonplace
to find this utmost, greatest love
right there before your face?

this love is all around us now.
it turns and twists and bends.
tired, but still beautiful
this circle never ends.

Monday, October 12

one day.

[[well, since i lost the camera, 
i've gone back to jacking images off of flickr]]
a day of grace,
a day of light
a day to stand alone.
a day for cool independence to shine,
a day not to need to be known.

just a day to know how to stand by yourself
just one day to know who you are...
one day not to feel the white-hot scared resentment
one day not to see the great scar.

that day is so distant, that day seems unreal
my ache for it cuts like a knife.
oh, i long for that one day to come ever nearer
for that day is the hope of my life.