Monday, November 23


oh, you're not too scared, you're just not good enough
so you're not constructing an effort.
and you can't even see how you limit yourself
as you tug at the hood on your sweatshirt.

no, you're not addicted, you just like the taste...
you repeatedly run to your downfall. 
you can't see past your sheer need and can't figure why
as you punch your fist straight through the drywall.

because, it's frustrating, to not know yourself.
it's hard not to understand why
we can't let others see the hurt in our face,
or admit to ourselves that we sigh.

so, you don't have a problem, it's just problematic
that you can't decipher your world. 
you're stuck in a whirlwind of thoughts and disasters
your mind feels spent, gnarled and knurled.

my heart goes out, dear, you're confused and upset,
and your heart cannot take much more beating.
don't lose hope, don't lose faith, don't lose hold of my hand.
for love is not lost, though it's fleeting.

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