Sunday, November 29


life is so confusing if you watch it out of focus
the drums of death entered our sleep and so abruptly woke us.
we didn't know the time had come but something greater found it
completely necessary to give us no way around it.
so out of focus, not pretending otherwise to see me
needing a tip to find the truth from some great cosmic genie.
tumbling, swirling up (maybe down?) 
through space and time looking for meaning
stuck in your house wond'ring who, wond'ring how, 
your life is a mess and you're cleaning.
forever you'll clean and forever you're stuck 
because this mess is just like the dishes - 
the more that you serve, the more mess there is. 
mess regards none of your fervent wishes.
confusing but beautiful, hard - is it worth it,
this life that leaves many so broken?
at least you're on track now, the fairy tale's gone,
for now you know - now you've awoken.

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