Tuesday, November 24


are you safe, and strictly structured? does your symmetry astound?
does the order leave you yearning to say anything profound?
are you sucked into the falsehood that you'll run into the ground
if every moment isn't focused, if you stop to glance around -- 
and to see the precious rainbows and the colors that they cast?
are you missing all life's joys 'cause you're afraid of coming last?
and you know that you're not Living
you know somehow that there's more
than this petty recognition you've been hereto dying for.
and where is your path leading? to the ceiling? to the floor?
you've been searching up and down too long. 
let your gaze find the door
that will lead you to your freedom, that will lead you to your pride,
that will lead you to no longer feel so unbearably dead inside.
walk through this door of mercy, embrace this gate of grace,
and don't be too alarmed to find your tears upon your face.
don't think it won't be happy - your ills gone without a trace
but in letting love wash over you, you must let it find a place
to grow and root and change you, to make you more a man.
though you've never noticed it, it's always been the plan
to have you grow in gratitude, to watch you learn the way
to own up to what you do in life, and be careful what you say.
and while you may not ever change in all forever and a day,
you're loved enough to be believed in.
though you think you can't... you may.

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