Tuesday, March 22

merry lee.


My tears I know won’t change a thing, but my ambition can.

There’s emptiness upon this broken earth.

For all is warped and twisted in unrivaled magnitude:

Oh, precious one – you cannot know your worth.

Outrage is perpetrated daily, Beautiful is scorned

And malice’s reward is bubbling mirth.

My tears, my only ally, filled with empathy and angst

Pour out so pure my soul can hardly bear it.

They’re charged with meaning, unrelenting, angry for the grief

Of helpless hearts; pity their only merit.

But my hot ambition, pent up, seething, can cause me to act-

Through my tears I run with purpose towards a goal.

And steadfast, always looking up, my motivation this:

Your pain is unforgotten to my soul.

I’ll speak for you, you voiceless, and will see for you, you blind;

Eyes locked, hands clasped, we make eachother whole.

And whole we’ll be, perfection in this place of broken hearts.

We’ll gain what we have longed for desperately.

For unity will make us love; and justice bring us peace.

We’ve found it. We’ve together found the key.

Friday, March 4

oh hey. my heart is warm.

and my skin will be, too, in a matter of mere hours! i don't feel like falling asleep... in fact, i feel like a nice cup of coffee, but i know that's just not wise the night before your last early day of a long and exhausting 2 weeks.
Today being the first day in what feels like forever that I didn't have a single solitary activity planned away from my home sweet home, i decided to use it for some major me time after class was over. boy, if bubble baths and book reading only burned calories...
i learned a lot today too, though. a lot about people, and how different they are, and how weighty their unique preciousness is. Gisela, Judy, Buck, Margaret. One bound by dementia and language barriers; one bound by a brain that cannot process and the cogs and machinery of the modern transportation technique; one bound in a rigid body and an unresponsive facade; one bound by hospice care and a treasonous memory. Heather, Alyssa, Jeff, Salena. One broken by life and death, struggling to maintain her position and straining to feel something; one broken by mistakes early on, defined by mistakes and ambitions on hold; one broken by one lay-off too many, seeking change in a mundane life; one broken by trust given unearned and by too many relationships, but still seeking love, learning, and the betterment of family.
and to think! all of us thrown together in a week, one big mess of problems, brokenness, pasts, and yet - brotherhood.
yes, i got to thinking today about how much love there is among humanity that bands together. unity is beautiful, compassion is precious, and the burden of the soul and body lays heavy on my heart as i continue to meet people, all of whom are broken somehow.
who knew we all needed each other so much?