Thursday, November 26

what is love: don't hurt me.

seriously, what's love?

we keep asking. this generation keeps trying to define it. we're all so into it, all about it.
one pop artist took a stab at it:

"i mean she even cooks me pancakes
and alka seltzer when my tummy aches
if that ain't love then i don't know what love is

i love the way she calls my phone
she even got her very own ringtone
if that ain't love then i don't know what love is"

is this what we've got? personalized ringtones and pancakes in the shape of hearts?
how on earth have we reduced love to this? And... honestly; can we not even lyricize with tact and skill to express how our generation is loving?
has technology done this to us? is it instant gratification? our parents, maybe?
whatever has numbed us to love, it's left us confused, that's for sure. 

well, i'm confused.

but i feel like we suck at this. let's figure out how to love before we devote ourselves to it. what a great idea, to love... but what does it mean to you? do you aspire to love all? some? 
or maybe you don't realize it, but you only truly love yourself.
maybe if the person you envision your life with does lots of things to make you happy, you really only want to love... [[you.]]
she makes me comfortable and happy, and all i gotta do is not break up with her.
if that ain't love, then i don't know what love is.


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