Saturday, December 19

silver spoon

if i pretend for just one moment i'm not of the privileged few - 
silver spoon out long enough to see and not construe, 
have i ever lived one moment of my own constructed time? 
have i ever sacrificed of something, ever spent a dime?
am i, mortal, just enough to tether flesh and soul,
or am i lavish living from a gold and crystal bowl?
who am i to beg for mercy? who am i to cry?
my tears fall softly, soaking velvet as my plump lips sigh.
i've wanted much, and given little; selfish, stubborn, and tough,
and had audacity to think of me as saintly stuff.
the silver spoon i'll sell for you, dear, you who will not eat
today, nor tomorrow; you who make your wares upon the street.
and privileged you know i am, but please, if you can see...
bring yourself not to look down on the lowly likes of me.

1 comment:

  1. i love your insights... this is a good one, and a hard truth to swallow.