Friday, December 25

heaven's love reaching down to save the world

God. with us. 
with us when no one else can be, with us when all we need is love. with us when we're lavished with comfort, with us when we can't stand the pain.
God is here, our servant king came to save the corrupted and depraved world.
and He is with us.
i don't think i fully grasp what it means to have Emmanuel. i don't think i fully understand just how thankful i should be. i know i should be groveling until i am gasping for breath, but if i grasped that concept, i would be doing it instead of stiffarming the Savior every day that i inhale, without a second thought, the air he gives me to breathe.
wrapped in flesh and in swaddling, wrapped in problems and inhibitions, bound by the limits of his being. limitless Lord in miniscule man, creator fettered inseparably to creature. God-child. God-man. Heavenly sacrifice.
Lord, you know our sorrows. You are well acquainted with grief.
be with us, be near us, as we remember when you joined us.
hold us in your arms and never let us go.
Emmanuel, how we adore you, our wonderful counselor, mighty God, and everlasting Father. You will never end and never fail.
Thank You for Christmas.

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