Thursday, May 28


originally uploaded by javeleno_Assente per un pò!.

are you afraid to be exposed? are you hiding from the light?
are there flickers in the darkness too fearsome to give you sight?
did you speak an awful utterance, or cause another pain?
do you bear your shame upon your back, and sing a sad refrain?
are you full of emptiness? are your bright eyes sick of seeing?
does the irony upset you, or define your very being?

but the light will bring you liberty, oh how i hope you see
that exposure to the light will make you wonderfully free.
stop hiding, stop pretending; stop cringing in the dark.
for your heart will not be satisfied until it's made its mark-
an effect upon society, a knocking on truth's door,
to leave a flowered legacy is what you were made for!

so please stop hiding lies away, please tell demise you're through-
for the love that you now dimly see waits here outside for you.

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