Monday, May 25

surrounded, but you're all alone

 originally uploaded by Peggy Collins.

lost in a sea of a thousand like you
learn to find YOUR voice, learn to stay true
you can't be meant just to blend in to the rest
can't be meant for anything less than the best
feeling that you're nothing more than a clone
feeling surrounded, but you're all alone.

how can you have pride when you're not YOU at all?
learn to be different! learn to stand tall!
distinguish yourself from the ocean of faces
make yourself seen in the chillingest places
i know how you feel, like you're the last one...
you feel surrounded, but you're all alone.

the light that they offer is darkness to you
your lovers are numbered, your friends are so few
be strong, precious outcast, you're of the elect
make something of yourself, learn to protect
yourself from the millions who have never known
that you're surrounded, but you're all alone.

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