Monday, August 29

i'm not going to die today.
But if i did, it would be of happiness, with a heart overfull.
I don't have many possessions that would be of much worth to someone who is not me, but just to be clear, Melody Sheppard should have all my clothes, and my books should be added to my parent's library. Mom, you could take some photography classes so you could use my camera.
today would be a decent day to die.
Today is the last day of my Twenty-First year. (and did you know your cells begin to die faster than they are created at the age of twenty-two? so really, either way, tomorrow i'll be deteriorating. nice knowing you all.)
I have discovered so much about myself and about others, learned valuable lessons that improved the quality of my emotional life, become more artistic and more articulate, traveled the United States, lost self pity, and found confidence. I am more well-humored than I have ever been, and more well-rounded. I like risks. I like people. I like style. I like reading.
My church even called today about India support - with news they said i'd like to hear.
In celebration of personal growth, and in culmination & conclusion of a fantastic year, I'm skydiving today.
wish me luck!

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