Saturday, July 20


I slept in a little this morning because on Saturdays we don't have meetings with the staff.  It was raining, so i made hot chocolate with my breakfast. I chatted with Heather, who had dropped by with Joy, and then I decided to start my day. I walked through the muddy streets and got very close to being sprayed by cars speeding through the residential area more than once. I decided to get my waxing done on my errands. This is sort of a personal detail, but I throw it in for the purpose of letting you know that to get my legs, arms AND underarms done is under $3 here. Lasts for three weeks. I've done the math - it literally costs less to get waxed here than to shave. When everything was finished I grabbed a mango shake for 40 cents and settled into the PMI basement to finish my preparations for the optional English class that I lead at the end of each week. I had found a really cool online service that makes art out of words, and had decided to integrate it into a short lesson on synonyms, adjectives, and the power of words. I made the necessary printouts and plans, but as I was finishing up, I heard a yell. Prabin was repeating something in Hindi about "Water Coming!" I looked over and the steps that come down from the bathroom did indeed have Water Coming out of them. We were being flooded by a staircase fountain. Our basement is situated a good deal below the surface of the road, and the entire area where we are located used to be (or, as seems more probable today, still IS) a river. They have kept the water at bay for building purposes, but in the rain the riverbed (A.K.A. the ground beneath our feet) saturates and FLOWS. We dealt with the flow in the basement and waited to see if the rain would stop. My shoe had broken in the struggle against the river, and I was kind of looking a mess, so when things settled I excused myself for a break.

I came away from all the fuss and sloshed my way home through the badly backed up streets to take a shower and change my shoes, and found the power out in our home - I'm just sure you won't know what luxury is until you've taken a cold bucket bath by candlelight. I'm not complaining though; it wasn't much of a problem because the rain had cooled the world to a comfortable, breezy 75 degrees, and the shower was actually really refreshing.

I went back and everyone was joking that i may have to teach them all to swim before this monsoon is over! We canceled our programs for the evening, and no one showed up for English class, so my day is turning out to be very slow-paced. I think i'm okay with that.
I've had enough on my plate just recently; my last two days have been fairly exciting...

"I want to know why people believe in Christianity.
I wonder about Jesus - I heard someone say He rose from the dead.
I know that I can't be good enough.
I feel like there must be a God."

This girl from Mongolia who looks like the spitting image of a real-life Mulan sat across from me on a couch, and she said all of those things to me.
She had asked on Wednesday if I had time to sit with her and talk about God. Of course I told her I had time and that she should come the next day and we could discuss it.
I asked her about her home in Mongolia and what religion her family and friends generally follow. I got to know more about her priorities and her customs and that was really precious to me. At the end of the first day she asked if we could meet every day an hour before English class for the rest of the month. We've spent two days so far going through the story of the problem and the promise.

As we talk, I can see that she struggles with the supernatural aspects of faith. She wants a god she can see. She told me she loves the idea of a God that could really forgive people even when they keep hurting him - that it's wonderful how God loved Adam and Eve enough to cover their naked shame and promise them a way back to Him. She has no problem with a creation story or a consequence for wrongdoing, but a Jesus kind-of makes her tilt her head and take a breath. Her background is buddhist, so this doesn't much surprise me. 

I've spent a lot of time and energy thinking and praying about our exchanges. I don't often get such blatant opportunities to share, and in depth, and one on one, and with someone who is actively interested. This girl is seeking truth hard, and I am asking God for her soul. 
I'll ask that you do the same. 
I find this whole situation to be making a deep impression on my heart and consciousness. Somehow I'm burdened - I am moved for her, and I feel like she's an important part of my Indian story.  I hope you'll pray with me and for me as we continue to talk into the end of this month. 
And pray for continued refreshment from rain for me and safety from rain for my friends!

Love from Delhi,
Julie, swimming in blessings and standing in rain.

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  1. Hey Julie! I tried to write you back but FB won't let me. Just know that you are in my prayers, as you always are. Oh this is Savannah by the way, I forgot my google password. Hahaha.