Saturday, July 17

Donald Miller and Dr. Seuss.

some people are just innately profound. i like that.
i looked up some quotes from Dr. Seuess and from Donald Miller recently. The Dr. Seuss ones made me smile so much. the Donald Miller ones made me think again. you know, i'd love to be a reader. i like to read. i just always forget to pick up the books.
you know what i really like? things that are the same around the world. i mean, it's cool to know that people are just people, no matter where you find them. it's awesome to find that God is a faithful God; a God of the nations, whose praise rises from the whole earth to the heavens in one song - wow, what a beautiful song it will be when we're all truly unified. dogs chase cats in every country. Venus burns as brightly in the Middle East as it does here in my Texas culdesac. kids everywhere love stickers. it kind of connects us, you know?
somehow, a part of this summer has been the death of my constant search for love. sometimes i feel like i'm still beating it with the shoe-sole of my will when it twitches, but its main sentence came with my decision to pursue India. and who am i to think i need a man to find love?

love is affection, love is passion, love is a sense of constancy.
love is someone to serve, love is incandescent happiness, and love is a choice.

my Daddy puts his arm around me when i sit next to him in church.
it's all the affection i need.

excuse me while i gun it through the darkness on the fastest windiest road i can find and blast my music out my four open windows.
it's all the passion i need.

i make chai for my family every day, and they ask for more.
it's all the constancy i need.

my momma has way too much on her plate, and there are always dishes and laundry to be done.
she's all the someone to serve that i need.

a cow moo'd goodbye to me today as i got in my already-running parked car to leave him.
he gave me some of that incandescence. :)
i find love in a thousand different places, and i'm not ready to commit to being tied down to just one. why do i think i want something that i honestly, really, truly, just don't?
i've fallen in love with the life i lead, and it's gonna take a pretty DANG perfect man to coax me away from it and into his arms.
my being single is not a disease,
and from now on, my being single is no mistake. it's a choice.

so, in the words of Dr. Seuss, "sometimes the questions are complicated, and the answers are simple."
in the words of Donald Miller, "Love is both something that happens to you and something you decide upon."

i don't have to wait. i decide to acknowledge that love is happening to me now.
it's just that simple!
and that's how i feel today.

love from Dallas,
Julie. [moo.]

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