Saturday, January 15

deepest and darkest.

Here's the thing. i've always wanted to believe that my longings were showing me who God wanted me to be. That ultimately, He was using my quirks and individuality to create a person who in her ideal state would reflect His glory... in all of hers.

But here's some philosophy for ya- here's what i'm asking myself today:
do our personal desires and tendencies belie our destinies, or our dark sides?

have we been created to fulfill a great potential that's ever welling up inside of us; or to deny ourselves, following Christ to the death?
see, when i think about it, the former option sounds a little like existentialist humanism to me, and the latter sounds like Luke 9:23.

but man, it feels nice to think that when this life lives itself out, ultimately i'm gonna get what i want.
it's sort of like a punch in the stomach to remember that what He wants is what it's really only all about.

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