Friday, January 28

wow, stuff is beautiful, isn't it?

I was driving home tonight from an eventful, productive and super fun evening on campus, having helped create a video for the philanthropy committee i serve with in Student Government, been to a 100-Days' party celebrating the nearness of the walk across a stage to shake the president's hand, and participated in an intimate gathering of screaming, joking, giggling girls in honor of a very special birthday.
As i said, i was driving home, and the snow had begun to fall faster than i particularly like it to on my drive home. i began to tense up from my toes to my forehead muscles, and kept having to tell myself "just focus on the part of the road you can see, and take it slowly." Well, when you're driving into a snowstorm at midnight, your brights don't help. neither do your normal lights, really, since the road looks exactly the same as the surrounding fields. But the brights don't work because they make you feel like you're in warp drive, even if you're only going 35 on the highway. oh, man. my hands were little gloved fists on the wheel, and oh! my forehead muscles!
i kept thinking, boy, am i ever ready to be in INDIA.
i made it a good bit of the way without incident, sqeezing my whole face on the really tight curves (cars always seem to come at you from the opposite direction when you are on the worst turns in the road!) and i was thinking i'd really be fine. I was making one of my last turns when i lost my connection to the road and my car forgot all friction and began to do whatever it deemed necessary. i stopped just in time, having turned 90 degrees from 25mph to a standstill. every time i fishtail i just want to cry. sometimes i do.
anyway, after that i made it home, losing control a couple of more times, but without incident. it was only as i was pulling up into my driveway that i realized how serene and perfect everything looked. i decided to go for a little snowy night walk.

i threw my first snowball of the season. i was a little bummed that there was no one to throw it at, but hey, if it doesn't hit anyone, i don't have to worry about getting hit by one in return! i made tracks on fresh snow, and spun a little bit.
Even if it means a little slow driving, and some sore forehead muscles, i hope it keeps snowing tomorrow. I plan on getting out to do a little shooting before traveling to my next job opportunity... let's pray for a job offer soon, people!
Anyway, the snow reminded me tonight that there are always two sides to every coin.

There's fascination in frustration. There's perfection in pain. There's beauty in bewilderment.
i think we just have to find it.

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