Saturday, February 12


i don't know if it's too much to ask, and i don't care if you agree...
but i'm longing for that moment when someday someone will sing to me.
he'll turn my lonely into lovely, he'll hold me and my heart will smile.
the days spent gazing out of windows all, will seem, were worth the while.

worth the trip down the broken road for the end result of the journey to see.
but here, but now, through tears tonight; the broken road is breaking me.

breaking, broken, shattered heart, have you no solace, no reprieve?
will you ever cease to wallow? are you no one's priority?
bygone, buried, wasted love, have you found nowhere yet to rest?
must you hover, never landing 'til you pass life's bitter test?

and a day, a day to celebrate this quest for making life complete
seems effortless for those who love and savage toward the love-effete.

Saint Valentine, you barbarous, sadistic, feral, heartless man.
your holiday is perfect if depression was your plan.
but as for me, i'm sitting, waiting, love nearby hov'ring patiently.
it will not rest until it finds
that man who's going to sing to me.

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