Tuesday, December 27


Who knows when you'll look back and regret the decisions you're making now? Who knows when you'll long wistfully for your current carefree days?
Beautiful stories are being crafted in the lives of everyone we come across. Taking the time to look over our own, understand them, and add to them memories for future comparison is important; we won't know how to navigate our futures if we don't remember what we've come through in the past. (journal. we should all journal.)
It's easy to grumble and complain about how we're being treated or the losses we are shouldering when we lose sight of how far we've come since the beginning of our struggles.
Sometimes when i take a hard look at my perspective, i wonder how i manage to choose to miss out on enjoying the moments i have in order to instead be annoyed and selfish, or worse, deceptive or depressed.
Seriously, you need to take what you've got, because like it or not, it's all you have.

And who's to say that this moment isn't the best moment of your life?

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