Sunday, August 26

it's come together. it's time. it's beautiful.


I just received my first month's payment to cover my travel expenses.
it's real, everyone.
I can't tell you how special this is to my heart; how long I have waited to see that first credit to my bank account. And now, as I live inside of this day, as mundane and as normally as I always have, there is change that is coming to be. Today feels the same as every day this summer, but today is not the same. Today, my greatest adventure begins in one week.

, I look at my room and belongings, and I think how much I love all the things I'm bringing to India! I love how selective I've had to be, and how that has resulted in me owning only the things that are most important to me. It makes everything more meaningful, and more true to who I am. It lets me know that I can live simply and be happy. It helps me not to be defined by stuff, but to be reminded by stuff of experiences and loves. It helps me to remember that we buy things to help us out, not to prove ourselves to other people. It makes me feel free to know that everything i need to live fits in two suitcases. It's easy to be imprisoned by materialism; but i'm not. I'm thankful. It's beautiful.

Today I remember important confirmations of my heart's Indian desires:
The pastor of my home church telling me of the leadership's ten-year-old prayers for individuals from our youth to go to the children of China and India.
The individuals who have given selflessly and encouraged me deeply.
The conversation I had just last week with the Zeller family, letting me know that this is a time when I could be greatly needed; that right now my friends in India need encouragement, that this month is an important and pivotal time. I bought my ticket long ago - but now is when i'm ready, and now is when i'm needed.
It's hard to believe.
It's beautiful -  It's beautiful!

I'm moved to tears:
Today, it's time. and it's beautiful.

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