Monday, August 6

Like Never Before

Sing like Never Before, o my soul.

I recently heard this lyric in a worship service, and it struck me as very important in this amazing new stage in my life. I've been to India before, and before that, I'd been on numerous short term trips. This is just the same old thing, right?
I was struck when I heard those lyrics with the reality that this is so much more. I am not the person that I was - I'm always changing - and there's no way I should take that for granted.
I have more to give now than I've ever had, more discipline, more joy, more passion, more wisdom. I'm confident that I won't stop growing in any of these any time soon, but right now, I'm filled with the knowledge that never before have I had this much potential, drive, or steady contentment.
That makes me someone I've never been before.
That gives me opportunities I'd never have had before.
That means I can sing like never before.
I've never had this specific perspective, this particular depth of insight - and the truth is, no one has.
I hope to bring to India humility, service, graciousness, and quietude;
and I hope with my life to sing like I have never sung before.

All adoration and allegiance to the One who never gives up on making me more the woman He wants me to be; to the One who makes all things new.

[India in 25 short days!]

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