Sunday, December 9

Five Years

Yesterday was the five year anniversary of CBC, the Family I'm a part of here.

A few of us stayed up late decorating the center for the celebration. I was so impressed with and blessed by the hard work of the members who served with us to finish everything and make it ready for the service the next day. Heather made a beautiful timeline of photos that took up the entire wall, starting with the formation of the Family in December, 2007. It was amazing to see how far they've come, and to hear stories of people who have come to know the Father as a direct result of the work of these dedicated believers.
The morning of the 8th, the members came to find encouraging testimonial notes from people who had been sent out from here, or who have come and gone, along with the hundreds of pictures documenting the growth of the Body. The celebration service was a truly encouraging time for me personally, even though I have not been here to see the transformation and growth. To hear the testimonies of these members of the difference this Family has made in their lives, to see the way it is truly a clear evidence of the faithfulness of God and a manifestation of that faithfulness to others - it's moving and humbling. Five years ago I was finishing my first semester of college, with no knowledge whatsoever that i'd get to be a part of the story of this Fellowship that was forming. Now here I am, with them, loving them - I even got to take part in an a capella choir piece sung in the service, for which we all wore traditional Northeast Indian dress.
Peter and Heather's administrators and dear friends Jim and Marilou came in to be able to take part in the occasion. Jim gave a special message and towards the end he said,
"I'm thankful to be associated with you.
I'm thankful to be able to know what God will do through you."
I feel the same way.

It's not easy to take broken people and bring them together in such a way that they edify each other with their complimenting strengths and forgive each other corporately for their weaknesses. It can't be done perfectly anywhere, but it is being done exceedingly well here. So many people are serving others instead of taking from others, and as is evident from their celebration of the past five years and vision for the future, they don't intend to stop working towards excellence in servanthood.

Keep us in your prayers as we seek to glorify the One who has given us His righteousness in exchange for our wretchedness. May we forsake all the wretchedness in us, and rest in His perfection.

Love from Delhi,
Julie - one part of a body.

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