Saturday, August 21

summer 2010:

It’s a summer that’s stolen my heart, returning it full to exploding with joy, hope and promise for the future, and memories of silver-lined clouds, matchless friends, and fantastically diverse places.

I’ve traveled the nations, I’ve loved with abandon. I’ve seen wonders of the world; places shaped by skillful human hands and places shaped by the hand of God. I’ve somehow discovered family in more ways than one. I’ve made it, folks, but I’ve never arrived. How difficult and beautiful together to be always leaving, always going. I have found growth, I have found joy, I have found home – and all within my heart.

the highs wouldn't have been so memorable without the depth of the struggles i have had, but upon reflection, the last three months seem rosy, filled with laughter charged with meaning, and tears displaced by the brevity of great love.

It’s been the summer of a lifetime, and I have a hard time believing that this is not the climax of my life. of course I have more excellent days ahead, but I know I will always remember my twentieth summer;
the summer that stole my heart.

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