Monday, August 30

21 reflections on 21 years.

in my experience...

1 - it benefits me to speak as little as necessary; mostly when I feel like complaining.
2 - stuff doesn't matter. people matter.
3 - life with the joy of obedience is better than life with the excitement of rebellion.
4 - singing always helps.
5 - beauty is everywhere. in everyone. no matter what.
6 - an embrace goes a very long way.
7 - the night sky, in its slow changing, fading, twinkling, and moving, is the most beautifully decorated canvas i know of.
8 - being alone can be important.
9 - it is too expensive to always be fashionable!!
10 - trusting people is vulnerable and risky business, but generally is extremely worthwhile.
11 - i really don't matter; not as much as i think i do.
12 - to find a passion and pursue it may make you feel more alive than you knew you could.
13 - eating healthy can be fun and tasty if you play your cards right.
14 - if you expect too much of people, you can't like them for who they are. and from my experience, it's tragic what you miss out on when you miss out on who people are.
15 - making cookies is just such a good idea.
16 - if you start to feel dumb, just make it fun. it's better than never being uncomfortable in the first place.
17 - everybody has a different body. rock yours!
18 - travel is worth it. worth the cost, worth the discomfort, worth the time. so worth it!
19 - asking the how questions of life will not get you nearly as far as asking the why questions. the why is what really matters.
20 - reading more books is a really good idea that you won't regret later.
21 - doing what other people think is right will leave you confused and disappointed in your decisions. decide what you believe, and decide what you want. then, do it.

here's to another year; may i learn grace and justice, love and surrender like never, ever before.

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