Tuesday, September 28

life's soundtrack.

Have you ever been listening to a song, in the car on the radio, on your ipod as you're walking, blaring from your laptop while you clean your room, and felt like it was the soundtrack your life needed?
I'm convinced there's a music to life. It's lurking under the surface and daring us to break out in dance. It's conveying our emotions in brilliantly worded lyrics. It's bursting out of the seams of our interactions.
And then sometimes, somebody, some musician, gets it. He says what we're feeling. He plays and he means it. There's heart in the music, and it just fits. This music is the conversation of our souls. It's in communion with what we believe in. This music harmonizes what's under the surface with our audible, enjoyable means of entertainment.
This music is the soundtrack of life.

Maybe I'm the only person this happens to? but whenever it happens, i love to embrace it. i smile softly. i close my eyes. i dance.

i hope you find your soundtrack;
and though it can't always be happy,
may your life's music always be eloquently lyricized, and beautifully played.

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