Wednesday, October 13

that's my everything.

well, i'm not gonna lie.
i'm sitting in class right now.
but i'd rather be writing than concentrating on William James and psychology laboratories founded in 1879.

i was thinking the other day about how some things in life are everything, and i haven't been able to keep the concept off my mind.
see, as style goes, confidence is everything.
in photography, light is everything.
as far as contentment, nothing is everything.
you can be stylish without confidence, but confidence is really what creates style. you can pull off almost anything if you're comfortable rocking it.
Photographs are made up of more than light, but without the correct lighting, no picture will stand out. light is beauty to photography.
nothing as everything is a rather tricky concept - but the way i think about it, i'll never be content unless i feel i need nothing else, and hold nothing in my current possession too tightly. the entire concept revolves around my view of nothing.

What i am now learning, as a subsequent concept, is that to life,
Jesus is everything.
it's been said before --
but here's what it means to me in light of all of this.
you can have life without Jesus, but He's really what makes it life.
Life is made up of more elements than just Christ,
but without Him, no life will have meaning.
He is beauty to life.
I'll never have life until i know what it means to me that i have Jesus.
my entire life revolves around my view of Christ.

i know it sounds elementary, but...
wow. He is really everything.

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