Saturday, August 21

thanks, AirTran.

i just have to write it in every capacity, and every venue i have available to me:
i'm on the internet in a plannnne. i can look out my windowseat window, over the air-splitting wing and see clouds beneath me. i hated everything about this airline [tiny plane, weird boarding system, no boarding passes, $65 bag fee, ETC...] until i realized the plane was half empty, i have a windowseat and no seatmate, and they offer me the option, nay- the joy, of wi-fi. since when was this possible??
technology and the world moves forward.
and so does my life!
do you know where i'm going?
i'm going back to Cedarville again! i'm going into my last semester.
it's gonna be pretty hard on me. i can tell. i never planned on getting out of college early. i like college. but the decision to finish up ASAP kind of spiraled me into fast-track mode, and i feel like i'm doing all i can to keep my head up where there's oxygen sometimes.
makes me feel like everything's marching, everything's moving, everyone's changing.
i guess we got to. i guess it's good. i guess there's no stopping it.

otherwise, i'd have no wi-fi on an airplane.

love from 30,000 feet,
Julie; the changeling.

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