Monday, November 15

we are nothing. we are forgiven.

there comes a day in the journey to spiritual maturity when you realize it.
"i am nothing. i am wrong. i am, by anyone's account, the most undeserving."
it is that day that you are freed from pride and allowed to comprehend more and more fully what it means that grace abounds in your life.
it is then that you can stagger, stunned with thanks, under the weightiness of the meaning of the cross.
it is then that it sets in why you should regard others as more important than yourself - namely, because they actually are.
but it is also then you realize that you what you want more than anything is just a fresh start.
you want God and everyone else to forget what you did so you can actually begin to try.
your peers, friends, enemies and acquaintances may not be able to give you that;
but it is a promise to you from your God.
He has hurled the memory of it so far away from His being that we have no earthly measure of its distance from Him.
He forgets. He gives you New Life. and He loves you all the same.

forgive yourself; for you've been forgiven.

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