Tuesday, April 13

content to be satisfied.

well, what is a blog if not a little window into the heart of the writer?
today, i am satisfied. i'm fully aware of my shortcomings, and hard-pressed by the consequences of my mistakes. my life is full of things to do, people to speak with, arrangements to make, and dates NOT to forget!

but somehow, i won't let it bother me. 
this busy life will have to wait. 
for i am content to be satisfied,
and i don't care if i am late.

the slowest pace in urgency
will not be sped so you are pleased.
for i am pleased to sit and stare,
and take pictures of the trees. 

my now, this here, will soon be finished,
and i want to not forget
the way i feel on days like these ones.
and you'd agree with me, i bet.

somehow, i'm just smiling because i want to. somehow, i just know that i'm dearly loved. somehow, my heart feels secure and confident, and somehow, i don't care what the haters think. somehow there's peace. somehow there's joy. i don't know where it came from, but i don't care, either.
i'm going to savor it.

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