Thursday, April 15

my first true India-post.

my passport came in the maillll yesterday! yes, i now have to apply for a visa, which is twice as hard, but that's not the point right now.
things are really happening.
i am really headed India in like, three weeks.
so, i've been thinking about it, and i want to be really intentional so that i make the most of my time there. five weeks is going to fly by, i just know it.

1) have my own Salwar-Kameez tailored just for me.
2) memorize between 5 chapters and a whole book of scripture.
3) visit the Taj Mahal, and take SOOO many pictures. eeee.
4) eat all Indian food, without complaining once or whining for a cheeeezeburger.
5) love on every single kid i see.
6) keep up my picture-a-day, and blog with it so i remember as much as possible about what God has done.
7) find some way to work out. maybe? ehhh okay we'll see about this one. i'm not positive. in fact i probably won't. so scratch this one.
8) not look at facebook one single bloody time!!
9) babysit for the missionaries... they have bi-racial children which include a 5 month-old. duh, recipe for aww-factor. and for my maternal instincts to kick in.
10) stay single? not sure why this is a goal of mine, but i certainly don't have a goal to find a man in the next two months. therefore, my goal is not to swoon for someone across the sea.
11) not complain once about the heat.
12) not get dizzy and faint and die as a RESULT of the heat.
13) create genuine and deep community with the believers surrounding me in ministry.
15) critically evaluate whether India is where i want to spend the two years of my life following graduation.

this is me! this is my life! this is really happening.
God, send me.
i'm standing here with arms high, and heart abandoned.
use me.
take all i've got, and never let me go.

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