Wednesday, April 14

letting go.

why do we feel the need to overcommit?
i'm just realizing that so many of us hold onto every option possible, just so that we won't be left empty-handed. where would we be if we actually committed our time and affection to one thing, and then that choice led us down an imperfect road?
we joke that guys are afraid of commitment, but i think that everybody is, a little bit. i'm scared to commit to a single path for my future. what if i'm unhappy? what if i need to change my mind? leaving your options open might seem like the safest way to go,
but letting go can be insanely freeing. 
change the lock; turn the key. 

i'm gonna listen to my heart, but follow my logic. 
i hope to ever be better, but always be me. 
i want to trust my decisions. i want to learn confidence in everything,
and just let go.

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