Thursday, April 22

i just realized that i've been tending towards being somewhat jaded and bitter. 
it's not me. i'd like to stop it. 

but i kind of feel like the world is a dream smasher. 

because that's what happens when you let yourself start to hope.
you end up feeling so alone. 

regardless, i know i need to be better. i need to learn from my own mistakes and not just rely on the wise words of others -- sometimes you just gotta screw up on your own, right?

i guess i'm just more delicate than i realized, so now i think next time i may take the mistakes of others at their word. i still believe in goodness, i just don't believe in it for me right now. right now, it's time to keep putting my head down and running the race. fighting the good fight. keep. my. faith.
right now it's time for hard work, and for sincerely appreciating those lessons i'm fortunate enough to learn along the way.

here's to starting to learn.
may i stop making the same mistakes. 

1 comment:

  1. People are disappointing. It's easy to feel hopeless and bitter when they are constantly letting you down. But precious friend of mine, this world is not our hope, Jesus is. And he will never disappoint.
    I love you always.