Monday, February 15

I would give anything to make you better
I would give anything to point you to free
I would give anything to help you realize...
--brooke fraser

I'm proud of what i've become.
I've learned how i want to love, and i'm learning to find beauty everywhere, even in me.
I have achievements to speak of, things i have accomplished which i never thought possible.
I'm going places, doing things, being a leader, a winner, an artist, a scholar, and a friend.
I have become persistent. I have become fierce. I am becoming fearless.
I am adventurous, spunky, giggling, serving, and unassuming -
i have always been.
But now i am better, and i continue to grow.
Now, i am free, and i soar on the wings of my perseverance.
Now i realize. Life is not about me.

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