Sunday, February 14


sometimes, i feel so unstable.
what is it, hormones? poor hormones - they are so overblamed.
sure, it's valentine's. sure, that's not the most exciting day for single people. but i'm that aspiring super-Christian! i have God - He's all i need, right? He's my valentine, and that's just as much fun as dancing and a new necklace and a bouquet of daises, right?
Thomas Watson said, "Whatever trouble in this life a child of God experiences, it is all the hell he will ever have."
Now, i am not expressing the audacity to label my current situation as "suffering", but how profound and comforting is this thought? we can endure a few bad valentine's days in light of the eternity we're receiving, can't we?
and maybe it does sound cheezy. maybe i am trying too hard; but by no means do i have no one. I have the unchanging One, the One who cherishes and protects me. I have the One who gives me the choice to adore Him, respect Him... the One who made me beautiful and loves me more than i have ever been loved before.
what fantastic love this is.
Father, help me love You. Help me miss You when we're apart and linger over the glimpses i get of you. Help me to dwell on You each day, and to need You in order to find happiness.

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