Monday, February 8

grace, peace, and new life.

a weekend of sleep deprivation and still i'm up at 3AM...
how does that happen? :)
well, i got to meet a baby yesterday. i don't know how much i have to say about it, really, except for how beautiful i think new life is. i took some pictures with Sammy, the trusty rebel, and was very pleased with quite a few of them. I have a lot to learn about photography, but every time i shoot i feel like i learn something new, and get better and better.
That's the way i want my every day to be.
what use is a day if i haven't become one step closer to the lady i see myself being? what use is a class if i don't learn how to apply it to my dreams of that better me? what use is a friendship if i don't grow in love, life, happiness and grace? i'm not finished yet. i have more to be than this julie. i have more to see, more to do, more love to give. praise God he doesn't let me sit on my butt and stay where i'm at. praise God for beautiful new life, from my head
to my toes.
may His everlasting peace be mine; and yours as well.

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