Thursday, June 24

delhi day, girl's night.

i'm sitting by my closed balcony doors, sweat dripping rhythmically off my chin. (and i only wish that were a literary exaggeration) There's a sand storm going on which is both massively disgusting and beautifully exciting at the same time. The air everywhere is charged with dust, visibility is down, and everything is brown. However, the winds bring such a cooling touch, and the hope of rain soon! mmm, rain would be good.

undoubtedly, the highlight of my day yesterday was the moment in which Sandeep leaned back in his chair, which was back-to-back with mine, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Julie," "yeah?" i replied. He grinned and said purposefully through his accent, "Let's blow this popsicle stand!" i couldn't stop laughing. oh, how Americans love to teach Indians memorable phrases. from "Yeah Buddy" to "peachy keen", they have a whole new world of vocabulary now. sooooo good.

today i went on another Delhi tour with the Master's team, much like the one i had with the Liberty team. (Liberty, we missed out on the dagger selection at the Sikh temple... SO GOOD and less than half the price of the ones you bought at Janpath.) I really only went for Karim's, which is, in the opinion of some, in the top five best restaurants in the greater Asian area. wow, butter naan. it makes me want to stay in India, if nothing else did! Sandeep is veg, too, so he introduced us to some of the delicious non-meat options there as well. just. so. awesome.
so, all of that was fun -- at the largest mosque in India:: times two, i got to climb the high tower and view the city from 300+ feet, and got to hear the 12:45 call to prayer which signals all Muslims to face the west. All of it was beautiful, saddening, fantastic, and overwhelming all at once. Sikhs are compassionate. Muslims are faithful. Hindus are self-sacrificial. but where is the truth? where is the love? where, oh India?

After coming back from Karim's, since i don't teach the English class with the team, i went out on errands for my house and for Heather. it was the first time i've ridden the metro by myself, and boy, was i intensely aware of the stares. sorry bout my white skin, guys, but i'm made up of the same stuff as you!! it's crazy how few white people they see here, and how unashamedly their eyes lock onto one walking by. But honestly........... maybe i'm guilty: Every time i see someone who looks American or European, my head jerks up! We saw a white guy walking by while we were leaving the Sikh temple, and a couple of the girls on the Master's team pointed and exclaimed! So funny, the differences in different cultures.
so i got what i needed, and we're making brownies and ordering ice cream for our GIRLS NIGHT tonight which Tiffany, Erica, and I are hosting in our lovvvvely third floor apartment.
what a good end to a fun day.
I'm going to get some laundry and cleaning done before that time, and i think i'll shower too.
mm :)
love from delhi,
julie the delhi-ite.

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  1. Julie, I just read your comments about the daggers. Saaad day! I'm so disappointed that we didn't think to ask the guys at the temple - Heather even mentioned that, but our team forgot. When do you come back to the States?

    -Emily Kendall