Saturday, June 12

A heart so full.

mmmm, this place.

i finally got a sieve so i can make chai in my own home! this is my first attempt... it was good (not as good as Indian-made, but good) and i'm so excited to show you all how!

i got to help cook yesterday at the Malakar's house for all the people who came over for the World Cup opening game last night! it was fun dicing onions for probably an hour and cutting up chicken to make pasta. It was more fun to sit around with everyone on the marble floor, eating and drinking, cheering and hollering, teasing the people who sided with Mexico when South Africa scored the first goal. Sometimes in this fellowship, i just feel so contented, and i know beyond a shadow of any kind of doubt that i am literally supposed to be here. mm. my heart says YES.

So after the university work on the tenth, Ashok and I and two of the girls from the Master's team named Kelly and Jennifer decided to get brave and go eat some authentic back-roads Indian food.
I was a little worried when I saw the place, but the food was FANTASTIC. we loved it! we were preparing ourselves mentally for the sickness we thought would follow, but none of us really had problems! we were really pleased... and now I want to go back there. this is kelly eating her hot pepper... she was really brave, but the aftermath of that tiny bite was like niroshima in her mouth! i just love the progression of her faces :)

I've been going to the children's tutoring program in the mornings called Pathshala. It's amazing and wonderful, and i've only been three days but already i get to help out! i'm singing educational songs with the kids, and soon i'll start reading "moral" stories with translation from my friend Krishan. Andrew, the other short-termer who just arrived, has been going with me. The children are between 2 and 10, and man are they exactly what i came here for! they have kind of a haunted look about them sometimes in their fixed, intense stares - they're so intensely beautiful, but so innocent at the same time. i really really love them.

there are so many stories not to forget, but right now i just want to tell you the one thing that has me the most excited. I now have a genuine, all-me, productive purpose.

i'll be taking pictures of the kids who get tutored here through the programs of BSP, Pathshala, and CHEP. i'll have a translator help me ask them each a series of questions and i'll write a bio on each one. i'll get the info all put together in photoshop, and i'll have brochures printed out. i'll bring them back to the States for people (just like YOU) to sponsor monthly throughout their education. What i really like about this, is the fact that it's 1) ongoing, and 2) a domino effect. These children are exposed to PMI, and they are learning what we're all about. they are getting a good education through your sponsorship, and will go on to college to become well-respected members of society. Having grown up with PMI, though, they will have a different perspective and will have learned truth. These young men and women are the hope of India. they will return to their families and spread light wherever they go.

and i get to be a part of it.


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