Saturday, June 19

live itttt

oh, my! i woke up this morning happy, and ready for my interesting day. I think i have an imposter in my bed, though, because after five weeks with no bug bites at all, i woke up COVERED in them today! they're mostly on my left side, which is weird, but whatever. maybe i'm just allergic to Erica. :)
Went to Pathshala with Andrew and Kirshan (who gave me a bracelet last week, by the way... i'm trying to be careful in my interaction with him now but he's just so stinkin' fun! i wanna be his friend! haha) and got to do a kind-of makeshift "moral story". things didn't quite go as planned, but i hope to make it more of a steady part of their teaching time, since Kirshan won't be integrating that on his own. maybe it will be easier next time.
yesterday i went out with Mehnaz and got some Chai cups!! everyone here drinks out of really small cups, and i lovve them, they're just the perfect amount. i've decided as a result of my new curtain, sheet, and chai cup colors that i'm changing my room theme to orange/yellow and blue. after i got the cups out this morning, i somehow got on a cleaning frenzy. i took my little hankies and dusted and used my "Lizol" to wipe down the counters and i did the dishes. it felt really good. i think i'm going to clean more often!
today i also decided to try something new instead of always just putting my hair up in a ponytail... sooooo i taught myself to french braid!! it's kind of ugly but i'm real proud of myself, this is my first time to actually do it. i have tried before but my efforts always get muddled halfway through and my arms get tired and i throw up my hands in frustration at my thin, fine hair which is now tied in knots, and must be pulled out in order to be straightened out.
this is actually my effort to check it, i had no idea how it looked and our only mirror was in use, so i just point and shot at the back of my head until i got a picture that actually had me in it. haha, seems like everything is makeshift here :)
now that i started singing again, i don't remember why i havent been blasting my itunes this whole trip!! i love singing in these rooms, it's so fun :)
getting ready the rest of the day for leading focal point today. i hope i can communicate what i know clearly, and that i can communicate the truth with wisdom and accuracy.

sometimes i wonder about whether people who love things in the US shouldn't be overseas. a lot of times we see it as a sign that we shouldn't leave America that we would really like to have a bed and a showerhead. but really, everyone would like to have a comfy-snuggly bed to jump on and snooze in, and we would pretty much all prefer standing under running water to dumping it over our heads from plastic containers. but at the end of the day, what makes us ALIVE: beds and showerheads, refridgerators and tex-mex, DVDs and lushbeautifulfoothugging carpet on the floors, or a fulfilling way of life? Should i stay in America because i really like my little black Honda civic? Should i not consider India because walking in the sun can be hard on me and auto-rickshaws piled with people i don't know, though hilarious and fun, can make me uncomfortable? maybe i actually don't know the answer. does a love for americanism point a finger to not being cut out for a "service"-centered life?
just on my mind.
guess what, life is beautiful. so live it.

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