Wednesday, June 23


today, my heart is found longing.
longing to see His face. longing to feel, and not only know, that i am fulfilled and satisfied.
longing not to be bogged down by a second cold, by nosebleeds, by early mornings, by language barriers, by spoiled milk, by dusty floors, by inconsistency, or by lack of fully deep relationships. i'm not upset. i'm not hoping to complain. but i am tired, and i am longing.
but today i was reminded by my good friend Erin that every Indian smile i see is a gift from God. wow, how true this is. every jubilant white expression of happiness framed and brightened by deep dark chocolate and mocha colored lips is evidence of glory; is the truth of blessing. He has surrounded me with His divine nature and evidence of His power and sustaining hands. I don't want to walk around this exotic, wonderful place missing it. I don't want to lose my wonder.
in other news, the PMI staff and team just finished Lamentations, and i liked it probably more than i think i should. haha. just a few verses stood out to me and really made me think. the second to last verse in the book just gives me the chills. Restoration is only from our life-giving creator. only. He is the one, he is holy.
i'm still working on the CSP (child sponsorship project). i have close to 30 kids registered, and i start on Pathshala either tomorrow or the next day, depending on when i can get a translator up there.
in EXCITING news, i'll be going with friends to Sandeep's house to meet his parents and his herd of buffalo soon! Also, he has a motorcycle here, and he said he would give me a ride someday fulfilling another of my Indian goals :)
chai is good. the word is good. the work is good. He is good, and i know it.

love from delhi,

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  1. Hi Julie, I know I am one of your daily followers on your blog. Just wanted to say I am sure thinking about you today. Loving how you see everything over there from a different perspective. Love the lense you are looking through. I think you are getting it, girl. Hoping for you that today you will be refreshed and strengthened and encouraged, and that you feel deeply loved. Hoping for a cool breeze, and encouraging conversation, and gentle touch for you my sweet neice.

    Love you so,
    Aunt Sue