Wednesday, June 16

reckless abandon.

if there was one Indian-ism i could instate in America, it would be the common practice of public access to building rooftops. I love going up in the evenings to feel the coolish breeze absent from our third floor apartment, and to see the stars that occasionally twinkle through the clouds. it's nice to get to go and just sing and just be. I love standing at the edge of the roof looking down on my world, watching birds fly above me and bats flutter randomly close below. I finally get to stop worrying what i'm wearing or who's looking, so i spread my arms as wide as they will stretch, lift my head and smile at the vast, hazy sky.
i've decided here in India that i love reckless abandon.
wisdom is built on experience. right? whether mine or somebody else's, i have to learn from some experience.
if this trip is full of anything, it's the opportunity for just such an occurrence. and what an EXPERIENCE i have truly had. i've done what is possible for me to blend in, to live like these people live, to reach out, to be in this world, though i'm not of it, to be a picture of grace, and to do it all with such open arms that it seems i'm running blind just to be as Indian as i can possibly be without getting some brown-flavored contacts & a box of black hairdye, and pulling a reverse Michael Jackson.
that being said, there's something about being here that makes me want to just do it all; try everything; follow my heart and laugh about it later. i know this is one of the furthest things from sound judgment, but i don't want to miss a THING while i'm here! "the food will get me a little sick tomorrow? so what? i want to try it! the children here are dirty and infested? so what? i want to kiss their heads so that they know i love them!" it's this bravado that has led me, after some discourse and introspection, to my decision pictured below:
yes, i thought i'd go ahead and let you all know: i got my nose pierced. everyone here thought it was such a great idea - they all really love it. the majority (as in more than half) of the girls here have it done... it's just such an India thing. i'd love for this little shiny dot on my face to become a conversation piece so that i can tell people about the hope that i've found, and since i'm hoping to come back, i'll be one step ahead of the game for next time :) it's an expression of my freedom to me, and the grace i hope to exemplify. it's not my hope to cause a ruckus or a scene - i just want to do what i do, and do it like the Indians do it, because i really love them.
with reckless, pierced, abandon.
[ha, iphoto mirror-images me.]

ok, enough about that. let's talk for a moment about how excited i am for my sister's wedding. She's marrying the cool, calm, and collected Mitchell Plant on or around November 20th, and i'm beside myself. she's allowing me to be her wedding photographer!! she's going to be positively lovely, and i can. not. wait. i got a little teary-eyed reading her details message tonight; i kind of can't believe it. bridal photos, roses, classy dresses, the canon in D, the snazziness of men in tuxes, cake and ice cream, dancing, friends and family gathered close... i love all of it enough just on its own, and when it's all because of my sister -- man, what a wonderful day it's gonna be. here's to knowing her better and thinking of her in India. love you, Rene.

peace, love, and great grace from Delhi,
-may i never judge anyone again.-


  1. Hey,

    After all you are near the roof top of the world.
    Great posts, have fun and take care of yourself.


  2. Great stuff. I love the nose piercing idea as a reminder of India. And it looks good! You seem to have grown a lot this summer. Keep that curiosity going. See you in August!