Saturday, June 19

thoughts of the night.

tonight while i thought about how i should prepare for the presentation i'm giving to anyone who happens to wander into PMI tomorrow, i stood on the roof and watched the moon set through the cloudless clear star-studded sky. i saw the big dipper, clear as day... though everything is just a little browner here. the tilted half moon sank lower and lower, and i leaned up against the staircase to the rooftop and thought about how to live a full life.
then i came down, all contemplative, ready to start my outline, and just turned on some itunes and started to sing in this empty pink and marble room. the echoes and acoustics fill you up as they reverberate throughout this house, and i thought about how to make my voice count.
i continued to procrastinate, and through a friend of a friend, picked up an awesome new photography blog to follow. as i flipped through the snapshots filled with love and gorgeous, nearly-tangible light (wedding photographers these days... fab) i thought about why beauty is so life-changing, and how i can let it make me more openhearted. i thought about how i can remove all bitterness from my heart. i thought about how i may best strip the callouses from my soul so as to truly feel.
i began my study on child development to present in about 15 hours, and continued my thoughtfulness, re-realizing in awe the desperate evil at the core of the human heart. it's a wonder we ever find love. we don't deserve it, do we?
i thought about the ultimate sacrifice, and the reason i've come here to this wonderful, culture-rich, intensely warm, trying, fulfilling, exotic place. i thought about how what i really want to say is what the sun would say to the sky for giving it a place to come alive.
i reflected on the people here, the sights, the foliage, the monkeys, the buildings - and thought about how everything has been made glorious.
now it's 2:10 AM and all i have is a bare-bones outline for a 10-minute presentation, and a responsibility to teach children in the morning.
here's to the unfinished.

thoughtful in Delhi,

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  1. I love the songs you quoted: Stephen Curtis and David Crowder. And I love you! HOpe you got your presentation ready. wonder who your audience is . . .? Hoping for you ~ strength and encouragement. lovin' you, Mom