Saturday, June 26

times two.

only in India!! I'm here listening to the guys' conversation as they try to fit all four of them in their tiny air conditioned room. "But we have to give way for de mouse!" says Prabin, "Yes, odderwise he will come and tickle us," said Raj. Yes, the boys have a mouse in their room which they've named Mr. Jingles. The Americans think he's cute, but Prabin claims to have been bitten by him.
Tonight is a full moon. i saw it right outside the Malakar's door at Joy's 6-month birthday party, all huge and beautiful and framed by the alley between the tall buildings of Hudson line. It was just so India!
i cant believe i have less than two weeks left here. I just know the chai won't taste the same, and the heat will mean so much less. i'll miss my kurtas and my pinkhouse, and oh! how i'll miss my Prakash!! but... what am i saying? i still have time. i'll try not to think about going just yet.
so, i'll stay up to watch the USA play soccer tonight, sing with the praise team in the morning, get custom-made jeans created to my specifications in the afternoon (how cool is that??), and have my day off and go to India gate on monday.
in other news, today i made a picture of Josh into an Avatar Navi :) that was a good time. and i got to sing backup to a girl named Jena singing Brooke Fraser's Shadowfeet.
life's crazy, guys. i never know whether i'm enthralled with this place or ready to snooze my windowseat way across the oceans home to hug my ever-lovin momma.
my heart is full, but it's planted in two places.

love from Delhi,
Julie the double-minded.

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  1. I cannot wait for that hug!
    your ever-lovin momma

    But you just keep serving and loving those kids to pieces. I love your work there!