Sunday, June 13

oh no....

ohhh, yes.
i've escaped health issues thus far, but i woke up today with some definite problems. i'm feelin the stay in bed as long as possible vibe... unless i'm running to the lou, that is. i didn't even wake up today til around 1, haha. it shouldn't knock me out for too long, though, i'm planning on resting today, and luckily tomorrow is our day off so i'll chill all day tomorrow too.
it's all goooood.

yesterday i got 10 of the BSP tutoring kids interviewed and photographed =] i'm excited to use my down time to put their packets together (after doing my mounds of schoolwork, of course!)
tonight is supposed to be game night... and i'm hoping i don't have to miss settlers with all my friends! i overslept this morning though and missed church, so i don't want to look like a sleaze who just wants to play games instead of being spiritual (and singing for the offertory, which i was sUPPOSED to do today. oops. don't worry though, i let them know i might not make it.) it's good i'm down today though, instead of being out for a whole day of ministry. i got stuff i gotta do!

Prakash has gotten to the point where he'll call me by name, and say "bye Juldie!" when i leave. we're buds for real. we dance together, play bat-ball together, we chill together, and i throw him up in the air as a form of exercise. i'm so glad he's an element of this trip; of this summer. i've really, really missed kids in my everyday life which consists of Christian 20-year olds all day every day, punctuated by the occasional 40 year old professor. I guess if the point of an internship is to solidify your career path, then this one is a success. I love being around kids, i have a heart for kids, i understand kids. so many of these children will creep up next to me when i'm sitting on the floor with them, afraid to actually crawl up on me but just wanting to be able to touch me. i reach out and touch as many as i can. i rest my hands on their knees or put my arm behind their back or scoop them up and set them in my lap - they desperately need a sense of assurance, a sense of being loved. i let them tousle my thin light hair, and i point out any similarities i see between us. "look! you have bangles, i have bangles!" usually when i do that, the girls will play with my bangles for the rest of the day. i hope they know, even though i can't tell them, that i love them from the pits of the bottom of my heart. every child here has moved and changed me to being a little more of the compassionate and gracious woman who i envision myself to be someday.

how wonderful it is to have the opportunity to love.


  1. I am so sorry you are sick! We'll pray that you are able to recover very quickly. Julie, once again your blog post brought tears to my eyes as I read about your love for children. Working with children has definitely been one of the biggest blessings of my life! I love to hear of others -- especially those younger -- who just want to love on kids and work with them. Jesus loves the little children of the world....and now you get to do that, too! Lots of love to you -- DeeDee

  2. Big D. Oh man. Major Peru flashbacks right now. Love you. Feel better.