Tuesday, June 29


...dang caffeinated chai. :)
well, in reference to my last entry, it's funny how plans always change.
Mr. Jingles was in the downstairs kitchen tonight as i was making chai for the boys and i. Prabin has started to call me "Chai-walla", which as you'll remember from my previous bloggings, means 'the one who makes chai'. He likes mine better than the way he makes it (well, that or he's just lazy, which does happen to be a stereotypical Indian trait...) Either way, the Indians enjoy my chai. I see that as a definitive passing grade in the school of tea. Even though there will be no mouse to greet me on the kitchen counter, and though the milk will be in cartons rather than thin plastic bags, and the cups will be large-sized, and the stove will light itself, i am excited to bring my chai stateside.
the moon is beautiful, but the roof is locked. my heart is so saddened!
as far as Prakash goes.....
ha. man, i think i underestimated how much i would love the children here. i've fallen back in love with everyone under 8 years of age, and i just know my path in life is solidified. i want to love on kids, i want to make peoples lives better, and i want to renew, brighten and enhance beauty and satisfaction in the lives of those around me. though i don't yet know where or how, i trust the father with that much, and i hold on to that which i can know already.
The USA lost their soccer game. I lost my voice for church, but i sang anyway. the custom-made jeans were a bust... they don't quite fit right, and they have a saggy bottom. (boo!) nobody wanted to go to India gate with me, so we skipped it today.
haha, the plans of man are quickly foiled. i'm so glad i know the One who orders my steps.
we had a good time wandering central delhi today though, and had a VERY squished metro ordeal. it seemed like the entire overpopulated country was crammed into one subway car as we stood, not shoulder to shoulder, but plastered back to front with total smelly strangers. it was so crazy, any time anyone moved you got smashed up against anyone around you. As if there weren't an overabundance of cars on the street... there are really SO many people here! and boy, do they all need to hear the truth. i know, i'm like a broken record, but i'm struck with the reality of it every day. the Satisfaction i can find, the fulfillment, the leadership, the love, the light, the completion; an astounding majority of them don't see it as an option. they choose oppression and fear, they choose devotion without hope. OH, India. How He loves you.

sports day tomorrow! i won't be playing cricket again -- i'll be a happy and supportive spectator. nobody wanted me on their team, but that's ok, the feeling was mutual :)

it's real late, guys. i'm going to bed.
love from delhi,

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