Tuesday, June 15


It’s strange to think that in three days, I was scheduled to leave. I’m settled in, I feel like I’m home. I feel like India is my place!

Look! I have ice cream in my freezer!

I have chocolate Indian cookies (known here as biscuits, along with crackers, chips, and anything else crunchy and bread-like!) oh, and don’t even think I haven’t been

dipping these double-chocolate-overkill version of oreos (they’re called pure magic,

and the advertisement doesn’t lie!) into my nutella. I told you, I’m on a chocolate kick! I can’t stop eating it! The girls on the master’s team are all doing P-90X together, and I feel like I should start, too. ALL I eat is carbs and chocolate!

Well, and fruit. Yummmmmm. That’s possibly one of the things I’ll miss most about India. I’m not a huge fruit person in the States but the fruit here is DIVINE. You’ve probably never had a litchi, but it’s delightful, let me tell you. It looks like a strawberry, but you peel back the hard skin to reveal the slimy white meat, and there’s a big brown seed inside. The taste is something comparable to a grape… but different. But yum guys. Im serious J

Today we had another kid’s camp, and I did love it once again. I took pictures and saw a lot of the kids I know already. There was one girl who just fell asleep on the floor in the middle of all the hustle and bustle - I couldn’t believe it! She just passed out! After awhile of just watching her there on the marble floor, I couldn’t take it anymore. I sat down next to her and gathered her up into my arms and let her sleep with me. It’s been really really hot here lately, and one of the volunteers said the case was probably that she was so hot in her home that she got no sleep last night. mm. what a privilege to hold her precious snoozing self underneath the air conditioner and pray for her and love on her.


after kid's camp we had a volunteer lunch that consisted entirely of chow mein. Now, after 5 days straight, a lunch that has chow mein and no supplement can seem rather bland, so i got brave today and poured some of the dipping sauce into the smaller portion of my handy-dandy sectioned off paper plate. I had seen the aftermath of the red sauce earlier in the week when some red-faced coughing Americans ran by me looking for water, so i steered clear of that and carefully selected the green stuff. i twirled up my dry pasta on my tiny plastic fork, dipped it in the green delight and shoved it all right down the gipper. WHOA THERE! right when it touched my tongue, my whole head started to burn. i thought it might inflate and popright on the spot like i was in one of those airhead commercials or something. I wasn't sure if i was just a wimp, though, so i kind of tried to keep my agony quiet while i chugged some water and piled the dry pasta, on extinguisher duty, onto the flames i was breathing out my pie-hole. a couple of people noticed, and we had a good laugh. When one guy came by later talking about the sauces and mentioned how the green is so much worse than the red, i felt a little better (maybe i'm stupid but at least i'm not a wimp!) I just got over the tingle in my lips. man. food here is so intense. :)

tomorrow, we have medical camps and then Pathshala and BSP. i'll hopefully be getting at least 10 more pictures and bios of the BSP kids, at which point i'll move on to either CHEP or Pathshala. Things are going really well.

mm:) love from delhi,

julie the purposed.

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