Monday, June 14

my smallness.

good news!!
i feel much better today :) i guess that nastiness was just a 24-hour bug. i even felt good enough to play some settler's. we had a great night together... i just love getting to know these people better and better. they make my soul glad. oh! and i made chai for ALL OF THEM, per my friend Prabin's request. i was nervous that it wouldn't be good enough, but they all really liked it! i was SO PLEASED with myself.

Today is our day off, and i've done my laundry as usual, some schoolwork as usual, and just lounged around, as usual. i also ventured up on to the roof our our building, though, which was rather exciting. There are what's called "soul projects" to be completed for my biology class, and i was doing one today as i sat surveying hudson line. I was reminded of all the buildingtops i sang and prayed from in Peru, where nearly every building has an accessible roof. after my time of meditation for biology (the one part of the class i actually do enjoy and find profitable), i came back up with my camera, and for some reason found myself mildly obsessed with random building paraphernalia... and ants.
i don't know why, but i find beauty in it all, in the details, in the smallness. it reminds me of how big our God is!!
i'm also reminded of the truth from Romans 1 where it says that the Lord's power and divine nature can be found in the things which have been made. He's sustaining, and his divinity is infused in all that i see.
maybe that's why i love it so much.

...okay, time to take my practice GRE-- it's due tomorrow.
wish me luck.

love from delhi,
Julie the small.


  1. Love your new blog look.
    Love your pictures.
    Love you.

    love from Norman!

  2. Julie, I too love your new blog. It looks great - looks like India. So glad you are feeling better! I love all your India pictures. And it means so much to be able to click this button and get a great update from YOU! Love you dearly, Mom